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Screen LockScreen Lock : No longer need to press power button, just touch the widget on home screen.

Screen Lock : Lock your phone easily with only one touch. Lock your phone so the screen doesn’t stay on, it will save the battery.
No longer need to press power button, just touch the widget on home screen.
Before uninstall you should disable admin permissions in
Settings > Location $ security > Select device administrators > Screen Lock Widget

In case of a problem just reboot your device then uninstall.

Screen Lock user reviews:

i like to use it instead of hardware power button..i put one on every home screen to be easily used where ever i’m..Thanks

It seemed fine but it seems to miss 2 out of 5 times. Or lag. That lag is unwelcomed as I need to lock my phone on the go. I prefer the lock widget from droidmania. Keep working on this one. I like the icon.

This app does what should be a standard part of android: the ability to quickly and easily turn off your screen and lock the phone. Droid X.

Screen Lock Widget seems to function identically to Lock Screen Widget, and it also asks for no permissions. I switched to this app because I prefer its icon and its smaller size. My thanks go to the developer.

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