100 Mystery Buttons – Find the only that lets you escape the box

[Game] 100 Mystery Buttons – Escape

100 Mystery ButtonsOnly 1 lets you escape!

100 Mystery Button Challenge is here! It is a super fun game with easy controls!

Find the only that lets you escape the box!
Tap on the buttons to trigger events that are either good or bad!
Play minigames that rewards you with protection items like helmets or get a towel to wipe the slime on you!

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100 Mystery Buttons user reviews :

This game is not very fun, it always wants you to be a VIP and it is very annoy!!! Although it is very glichy and lags a lot, there is also a lot of ads. I know that the ads help them make money but, why do they have to put one after every button you push. I do not think this game is very good at all and is a wast of time. That is my thoughts.

Oh My Gawd!!! Advert mania, never before have I seen so many adverts within playing a game for 5 minutes. simple to follow & interesting graphics, but by jove is this game irritating with advert after every button choice! not cool developers. that’s my opinion & there’s much room for improvement in my eyes

This is a good game and there are no ads if we turn off the WiFi. But, a black screen appears after every level so we have to close the game, open it again and play and if we play with Wi-Fi then there are lots of ads.

This take FOREVER to download and you only get to play one round of pressing the buttons. And the rest is just minigames. Like, let there be a lot less mini games. There are way to many ads. And most of them are repeated. I hope this was helpful to never install this app. I instantly uninstalling this game.

I’ve on level 11-13 and I’ve only done one level where I can actually look around and press buttons. Would’ve rated a 5 if u had added more levels like level one (I think) overall really addicting and fun though!

It takes so long to just do what it showed in the ad I found myself throwing my phone while playing this game

I don’t like it most of it isn’t the game id really like if you make more skins that you can unlock through coins that you collect by playing mini games that pop up twice a week or something and it’s kinda boring how you press the bottons nice idea but make it more realistic when I get more of a view and this will blow up ( atleast for me )

Is very horrible because people want to play the game on you can’t even play the game correctly and I hated rap much but it’s kind of good at the same time thank you even if it’s black out you can still have at like what the hell is that game is

I rate this game three stars because after every button you push you have one at although it doesn’t cost a lot of money to get rid of the ads I still was not able to afford it and when I did afford it it did cost a lot of money and also I got my identity stolen so I don’t recommend buying the no ads because now I have $190 left on my credit card

I know I’ve just downloaded this game, it looks very fun, I kinda don’t see any problem with this, I don’t like ads but of course it would show up in no time, even if you can only press any button you want only once, idc if that happens I just wanna play the game, it just looks so fun, I rlly hope this game is fun and goes well, so ya that’s all ig?

I wish there were sound effects instead of SO MUCH vibration. Also, there actually aren’t that many levels, they loop after a while, so, the game becomes repetetive fairly quickly.

very fun but a lot of adds like every 100 seconds and its esy to do I recomend you download this app because it is fun and I don’t have to spend money for the game I’ve been play for 2 months now and I love the way the game works and I love the music it is like wo wo wo I’m going to get out even though I’m traps . and I think that will rap it up . bye bye see you hope you have fun on the game

This game is really entertaining and I think that most people would have fun with this game! (: but there are some ads but not as much to the point wear I give the game 4 star, Because there are not alot.

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