1C Big Keyboard – Preserves your vision and reduces eye strain

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1C Big KeyboardI am 58 and my vision is far from perfect.

I have fingers on my hands – not matchsticks, so I designed this keyboard for myself. If you’re under 35 and have no problems with vision, please do not install. You will need it later. But maybe it will be a good lifehack for your parents now.

This ergonomic keyboard for Android allows using 100% of your phone’s screen for big keys making it indispensable on small screen devices and for fat fingers (100% is not an advertising slogan: it is literally 100%). Swipe up to switch into 100% display mode.
This big keyboard preserves your vision and reduces eye strain.
Big keyboard keys are easier to hit – less typos.
The layout of this large keyboard for Android is easy to learn – it’s a QWERTY keyboard smartly compressed into extra large keyboard, what makes it ideal for large hands.

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1C Big Keyboard user reviews :

Almost perfect, because sometimes it doesnt register all the words when typing fast, probably because of the animation. But can probably be fixed easily with an update

I like it, but I’m gonna have to uninstall bc you don’t have my race or other races emojis on here except the default. Also there’s no way to back out of the emojis without closing the whole keyboard. But if none of this bothers u, I’d highly suggest getting the app, great keyboard for big hands tho.

Quit with the Russian ads on the app. It’s getting annoying. Also any flashing ads could trigger epilitic seizers in some people. Be thoughtful. Addendum: stop with flashing ad. You don’t listen good do you? If so, you could face a law suit from someone with a medical condition.

Almost Real Good, but the dictionary wouldn’t find the correct word too often and, numbers were difficult to type in as I had to use a different screen for them. Needs a line of numbers. Finding certain punctuation marks could be cumbersome. Loved the large letter buttons, the many keyboard styles and keyboard sizing options. Just needs more tweaking to make it an optimal app.

This app is for everyone desiring very big letters and multiple languages. Everything is beautiful.

Good keyboard as I`m getting older, but there are a few symbols and other things just not available. I had to let it go.

Finally there is a keyboard that works every, single time on my antique Android 5.1 phone! It has never glitched out, as so many do.There are about a zillion customizations not mentioned in the Play Store write up, so it’s worth installing it & exploring. Some of my favorites include: SIZE- I like a keyboard to be as large as possible, but in some apps, a giant size will cover the words I’m typing. The developer made changing the size ultra easy. Simply long-press the spacebar, tap the Settings icon & choose Keyboard View. Cool, huh? PREDICTIVE TEXT- The word prediction in English has been spot-on so far. (I have not tested the other languages that I know.) LETTER PREDICTION- This is one of my favorite features. The app not only predicts words, but anticipates the next letter(s). It greys-out the other letters. (You can turn this off separately from word prediction if desired.) LAYOUT- The common sense layout is easy to get used to. OTHER- You can put a shortcut to the settings menu on the home screen for easy access outside of an app. I use this because I know what size works best for Messaging & what works best for Mi-Moment, so I can pre-set the size before opening the app. You can also swap languages quickly. (Download the dictionaries separately) And a fun item to mention- When the keyboard opens the animation is quite cheerful as the letter populate the keyboard. So I certainly recommend that you try this application & explore. If you dislike it, it can easily be uninstalled. For me, it is the best of the many keyboards that I have used. The only change I’d like is that I wish I could store the app & dictionaries on my SD card to save phone storage. If I put it on the SD card, it gets de-selected on every phone re-start. (This might not be an app controlled item. It might be an Android short coming.) Thank You for building this app!

This big key keyboard is terrific for us people who have large hands and find the built-in phone keyboards difficult to use. Even with the largest cell phone screen the standard QWERTY arrangement is a problem. This keyboard places each normal row of keys on two rows, which allows the keys to be bigger. It is similar to the Big Key Deluxe app, which is the one I used until a problem with the screen occurred. It is customizable with key size, color, languages that can be installed. Great!

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