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Simple Alarm ClockSimple Alarm Clock is the alarm clock doing one thing and doing it right: waking you up.

The interface of our Alarm clock is simple, intuitive and efficient. By removing what is not essential, we make access to everything you need even easier.

App highlights:
Any number of alarms, recurring or one-shot
Entering time with a phone-style keyboard (very fast!)
Choose interface colors and size to you liking
Configurable fade-in times (volume starting low and gradually increasing)
Gentle alarm can be enabled to wake up in the light sleep phase
Upcoming alarms can be skipped for one day if woke up early

Guaranteed no ads!

Q: How can I install an MP3 sound?
A: Use external MP3 Cutter application.

Q:where can I get more ringtones:
A: Install a 3rd party ringtone application.

This is an open source project. Additional feature requests are appreciated! You can submit bugreports and feature requests by sending an email to developers!

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Simple Alarm Clock user reviews :

My favourite alarm app. The new “delete after dismissed” is just amazing, so it never gets crowded. I would suggest also folders of alarms to switch on and off all together with a single click

This app lives to its hype! It has one goal, and it does it well: to wake you up. You got options for everything, from multiple alarms, to gentle pre-alarm (like in Alarmy), to different ringtones, to a plethora of themes and layout styles. Plus, it’s free and open source, and collects no data about you. Suggestions? I wish I could slide (instead of type) the time like in Alarmy. I wish there is automatic light/dark theme switching. But these would be icing on the cake. The app is really good!!!

It’s a 100% free app with no ads, and it works well. You set the alarm by pressing number buttons instead of using rotating dials, which I like. Trouble is, the on-screen keypad is not very responsive, so you have to type slowly, otherwise your keypresses will be lost. This is a very annoying little problem that, sadly, diminishes the user experience. UPDATE: after using the app for several months, it suddenly started failing intermittently by not sounding the alarm. Hope it’s fixed soon.

The time input as a number pad is so much better than wasting time spinning wheels. I can’t believe people still do that and that Apps haven’t changed! This app seems to work great without unnecessary over the top graphics or fancy stuff. I love the clean simple look, and it’s compact so can see all my alarms on one page. It would actually be nice to have an option to make it even more compact. And would like to select exact number of minutes for pre-alarm and snooze (1 to 500+)

Loved the features and ability to use my own files for alarms and it has great ability to adjust the fade in to slowly wake me up. However it has failed to go off 4 times. It randomly crashes and indicates that the alarm is still set but no longer leaves an icon on the pull down menu. That is the only indication that it has crashed and the alarm won’t go off. Only an uninstall and reinstall fixes it. I can’t rely on it and can no longer recommend it.

It worked well at first, then I started noticing it wasn’t going off when set. I would then set another alarm for just a couple minutes into the future, and watch it…of course it went off, because, while a watched pot never boils, a watched electronic device almost never fails. It seems to be hit-or-miss whether the alarm sounds or not. This unreliability isn’t acceptable, uninstalling as soon as I find a replacement.

FINALLY! An app that gets it. After more than a year of trying to find an alarm app that won’t disrupt other phone functions or turn itself off, I found it! Huge variety of wake up sounds, easy to set, and hard to accidentally dismiss (you have to long press the dismiss button). This is a great app. Thank you!

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