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21 Days ChallengeCreate your ideal life with life-changing habits.

It is estimated that it takes people 21 days to form a new habit. So it’s a perfect amount of time to change or introduce something new in your life. Choose the best challenge for you (or create your own) and do it for 21 days and you’re going to see how the habit becomes part of your lifestyle day by day.

Starting a healthy lifestyle, taking a break away from the internet, practicing gratitude, learning a new language, trying to be more productive, finding happiness, self-help, how to study effectively, ways to spread kindness and positivity, tips for fixing your sleeping schedule, self-care practices, decluttering, being more confident, writing journal prompts and daily positive affirmations are some of the challenges that you can find in the app.
Basically, you can use this app as a habit tracker.

Once you complete your daily task, you can mark it as completed and collect the points (to customize your avatar, to unlock motivational reminders and free wallpapers).

In the gratitude challenge, you can write your thoughts and share them in the feed (it can be anonymous too). Here you’re going to see all the community answers and you can also give it a like, comment, or send gifts to your favorite ones.

Create a healthier and happier mind with journaling. With this app, you can write a daily journal and choose your daily mood. Then you can track your mood in the calendar and see all your previous records.

There’s a selection of positive wallpapers for your phone and motivational reminders to share with your friends. Also, some relaxing music.

Enable notifications and choose the time to be notified to remind you to do the challenge every day.

You have all of this in one app for free!

Don’t forget to take care of your body and mind. It’s the only place you have to live.

Your journey to self-improvement and better mental health starts today!

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21 Days Challenge user reviews :

Just downloaded and will update my review in time. Initial thought, I would recommend darker or less pastel color combinations on the main interface as it is difficult to see light pastel text on light pastel background for color blind or visually impaired individuals. I was able to solve the issue by turning on dark mode but would prefer a darker, non pastel color combo with contrasting color text. This is not an aesthetic criticism. It would be helpful for those visually impaired i feel.

on day 2 i really like it! im on the home workout i wasnt expecting such hard workouts! i do the best of my ability its okay if you fail at one as long you try and complete the rest! ♡ love the spin the wheel a day, you earn points everytime you achieve a day! you unlock wallpapers, insprirational quotes, community quotes, easy app to use! i 100% reccomend!

Once you download this app, it makes sure to remind you everyday that its here even if you havent really started using it yet, which is pretty cool cause i forget apps i download all the time and forget about until i go in and just delete them without ever checking them out. I did finally go into the app and did a couple things in it and its set up quite nice and the daily reminders really help you remember why you downloaded it in the first place. Thank you

The app is so complete and easy to use! It has everything you could need. Everyday it has new challenges for what you want. If you can’t find something you need or want you can make your own challenge and even set the challenges for each day, or keep the same one (like a particular exercise). If I had to make one suggestion I would say add a journal so it’s all in one place. I look forward to starting more challenges soon!

I really love seeing all the nice messages in my notifications every morning. It really brightens up my day and uplifts my mood. That’s the best thing about this app, I usually forget to use this type of self improvement apps, but this one is special and it was made with a lot of care, it shows.

Enjoyable app with easy to follow challenges. You can even create your own challenges with ease. Daily reminders are highly appreciated. Works perfectly without any interruptions.

The app is perfect for positive vibrations and self motivation. It has got all kinds of work which you could follow up for 21 days and challenge yourself to become better in it . Repeating or having a routine for 21 days could change, possibly change yourself at doing something better .

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