Little Hero – Protect your homeland and regain peace

[Game] Little Hero – Idle RPG

Little Hero  Little Hero is a revolutionary action RPG that blends classic pixel style, innovative idle gameplay, and intense boss battles, all within the palm of your hands.

You are a lonely hero that must defeat all mighty monsters to protect your homeland and regain peace. Single player RPG mode lets you face the powerful enemies on your own. No worries, the rich and interactive game world got you covered by providing all the items you need. Become the ultimate monster killer and fight against the final boss in Little Hero now!


Customize fantasy hero
Earn EXP and rewards offline or online
Strategic action combat
Craft and fuse to form ultimate gears
Unlock and evolve elves and mercs
Hundreds of chapters you can challenge
Great battle experience with different line-ups
Explore the various gameplay in random events
Collect tons of logs whatever and wherever you acquire
Friendly chat system, talk to players all over the world

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Little Hero user reviews :

Since the UI “optimization” everything became much less accessible. In a single change they managed to destroy the entire UI. It is amazing how they thought about the worst possible interface and somehow the entire team was on board with it.
  • LinKing
  • Thanks for your comment, we try to make the game look more comfortable

I really liked this game, but there’s a cap on levels. 1000 is the limit. Then you have to rebirth or just stagnate till you’re almost going nowhere. There wasn’t enough reward to rebirth, it reset character level, stage level and took some stat points away, and I didn’t fully understand what it got me, just a few diamonds? I rebirthed twice after hitting the level cap and didn’t feel any further forward the second time. So I’m uninstalling. Was a good game up till then though.

Good time killer. Tapping assists kills till you are… about 30 or so hours into the game and have equipment that attracts fast enough for you. Attack cap is 0.05 attacks a second. It is very difficult to auto battle past “bane” lvl 15 -25. You will need to equip “execute” as a skill to proceed further and only for the boos of the stage. It becomes much more of a hands on grinder at that stage. Which will lure you into wanting to spend a lot of money on the game.

I won’t lie, I love this game with it’s charming art. But as of right now it’s impossible to get past later stages without relying on reseting your equipped skills’ timer to have a 50/50 shot of executing a stage’s boss. No matter how much you boost your stats you will die in one hit and not do any damage to bosses in Bane and upwards. I don’t want to have to rely on timing in an idle game to progress. As such it feels quite unplayable as of now.
  • LinKing
  • Pls contact us by FB,we will help you
It was a fun game to pass time. But the game dev just get greedier as time goes by. It was possible to buy the special custome with crystal back then but after they terminate the crystal pack that benefit players a lot, they are now selling the costume in cash.
  • LinKing
  • Thanks for your comment,we will try our best to make game better to give you a better game experience
The game is nice, but there are a lot of features that require you to grind constantly… A lot of features are good, like full refund on reforged items, but there are too many resource sinks, like the elves and eirhenjar, that just don’t scale well with the benefit given. At this point, the game tries to provide you with too much to do at the same time, but not enough time or resources to be called an idle game.
  • LinKing
  • Thank you for your review.We will continue to optimize the game and bring you a good gaming experience.

Addictive. Throws you in the deep end, but pretty soon you tap anything with a red dot, and learn through exploring every button. I close my eyes, and all my brain sees are exciting joyfilled red dots. Do not get if you feel like you can’t pull yourself away from this game, there is more to life than this game.

I love this game and play it near every day. However, i cannot access the einherjar without the game freezing and that is growing increasingly frustrating. Moreso when the issue decides to prevent me from accessing other features, but that is quivkly rectified by shutting down and restarting the app. Einherjar, however, remains COMPLETELY inaccessable.
  • LinKing
  • Thanks for your comment,we will fix this problem as soon as possible

This is a great free to play game. It gets pretty challenging and requires unique strategies to advance later stages but the community is helpful in sharing how to get past them. Its almost like puzzle solving to figure out ways to beat bosses and challenges that can seem near impossible at first glance.

So far so good. I like how generous it is to the point where I just didn’t care much about inflation. Which is regrettable when you need an upgrade. Some events are hard to come by and so as the random buffs. I do wish rebirth makes you even stronger rather than just diamond rewards

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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