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Franchise Basketball 2023Take it to the hoop and play the world’s best mobile basketball manager game! Build a hardwood dynasty and prove that you’re the ultimate GM – anytime, anywhere!

Play Every Day
Get your team on the court every single day. Play 21-game seasons, exhibitions, pro games and showdowns! Earn rewards and draft packs through daily games and use those resources to continue to build your franchise.

Build a Champion
Manage your team and build it into a championship contender. Put together an all-pro roster, customize your playbooks, play seasons and bring home the championships!

Build the Ultimate Roster
Unwrap packs and fill your roster with the biggest names in pro hoops history. Collect Special Edition, Limited Edition and Legend versions of your favorite players to unlock their Ultimate Players – the highest rated basketball players in mobile gaming!

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Franchise Basketball 2023 user reviews :

I made it to level legend 54 in less than a month. No money spent. I dont understand why some people cant make it to level 50 and complain. They obviously either dont know anything about sports or are too lazy to play and then complain about their own shortcomings. Keep up the good work. Love all the Franchise Sports games.

Every time I upgrade my players, it freezes. I have to stop the app and reload it just to train my players. No bueno.

  • Cliff… Please contact us at support[at] so we can figure out what the issue is.

A very frustrating game. Results of games are supposed to be dependent on the rating of the teams but I find it ridiculous that my team is consistently defeated by lower rated opponents. I thought it was acceptable at first by crediting it to realism but I just experienced a five-game losing streak all to lower ranked teams with rating differences up to more than 5 points. Well, I think this is the set-up to force you to spend in their ridiculously priced game items.

  • Sorry to hear about your frustration. OVR ratings are there to give you a relative sense of your team’s strength. But the skills ratings of the players are what count the most in the sim. Feel free to contact support via the app if you have more questions.

Game is terrible. You will be fine for the first little bit. But then you will hit a pay wall. You can only advance one season every 16 hours. They will tell you to watch ads to earn skip tokens, or you might aquire one if you can win your season. Then you will get to a point where every team is 30-40 points better then you and it takes 5+ trys to beat one season. Then to top it off if you do want to spend money. Everything is outrageously priced. They don’t offer $1 options, Everything is 6$ +

  • Josh.. Sorry to hear about your frustration. Most of our users are non-payers. If you’re interested in getting some team-building advice, contact support through the app and let us know what questions you might have. Thanks.

This is my favorite of the CBS Sports Franchise series. Unlike their Football and Hockey games, you can actually compete and do very well without spending any money! I feel like my decisions actually matter in this game. The key is to save Legend tokens and some training until you get to level 100 – if you don’t, you are kinda screwed.

Dull. Same formula as every other game trying to get to you to spend money; start off so player can progress unaided, then ramp up difficulty to require purchases to make any headway. Game crashes during training, which doesn’t allow you to train your players as fast as the season difficulties progress. Naff

I’ve enjoyed this game so far. it’s a cars based basketball game, they has current players, as well as great players from the past. The in game interface is somewhat difficult to use, and things like modifying your playbook are more difficult than they should be. The game itself is still fun though!

went into it figuring it might be a mostly abandoned game, it doesn’t totally appear that way but some glitches do exist still from when I started (audio playing if app is left open, resolution issues, negative rep or money.) I am enjoying it however, I’m about 20 levels in f2p other than repeating some seasons I haven’t hit a paywall yet and have picked up some high rated players from events. worth dipping your toes into if it piques your interest.

It’s not s bad game, but I’ve never had to wait beyond the time limit for a season to start. It literally says “starts in 0:00:00” for the last 5 hours. The fact that the ONLY way to play is by buying skips (which cost $3) makes this game not worth playing any amount of time, let alone the years you need to spend to get good shi.

It’s cool but would be way better with 82 games to play cus you can simulate a whole season in 5 min….. double amount of teams would be cool to. I like how on NFL cbs game when u beat pro team you get good plays for your play book but in this game it’s extremely difficult to get plays. You more less got to pick whether you want a play or want to train you team after losing missing play offs……… at least let us play best out 7 games in playoffs & championship

Its a good time killer. My only complaint would be the time between the season and playoffs. It takes 10-20 minutes to do an entire season, but if you dont have skip tokens, you have to wait up to 15 hours sometimes to begin the playoffs. It should be either be less wait time, or there should be daily skip tokens given.

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