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[App] ACRZ – Style up your Avatar

ACRZLINE’s new avatar, AlphaCrewz

Style up your Avatar!

Have more fun in LINE
Style up your LINE profile with your avatar!
Show off your unique avatar
and have fun talking using new avatars every day.

Exquisite avatar customization
Various and unlimited avatar customization options!
Perfectly create your avatar as you wish by customizing every detail of your avatar
Easily customize your own avatar!

A bunch of free fashion items!
Dress up your avatars in trendy outfits.
Various free outfits will continue to be updated!
Pick the coolest outfit for high-quality avatars

Set your profile with artistic videos
Create various profile videos with the concept you want.
It only takes a minute to get a variety of amazing videos in the 3D studio!
Stay tuned for upcoming new styles.

Avatars Come to Life!
Experience a camera equipped with AR (Augmented Reality) and motion-recognition features.
Say “Hello” to an avatar that moves like a real person.
It’s time to get even closer to your avatar!

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ACRZ user reviews :

There are a variety of customization and I wish to use the avatar I made to create content on Tiktok. The motion-detection is okay, that’s the feature I liked, but the lip-syncing is delayed and the hands movement look weird. Also, am I allowed to use this app to become a virtual influencer on Tiktok? I will use hashtag to credit the app but I read that I can’t use it for monetization (which is I’m also okay with, but I don’t know if I’m allowed to upload it). Thank you love the app

Has lots of potential. Looking forward to its development! App crashes often though. I hope some icons have a label option so I know what I’m clicking. Despite sign up problems in recent reviews, I didn’t experience any related issue. But yes, the app also did crash on me and all my customization progress was lost. That was also why I was hoping for labels on icons.

Edit: I got into the app. The password was so hard to set up as there is no password rule indicator. “_” and “-” are not considered as the symbol and need to set the password only 8 letters with a mix of letters, numbers, and symbol. This app is like an upgrade of in app LINE Avatar maker with more face customization. Hoping there are more selection of clothes hair styles, backgrounds and animations for avatars in future.

Should be more straightforward and less chaotic, having users select a “style” is an unnecessary step but then having to hear the same short audio loop over and over again is unbearable. There is a vast array of facial features which is excellent in creating an avatar that looks very much like yourself, though I would like to see an animal variant of the avatars, it’s definitely a must. The textures are detailed which is great but leads to slightly longer loading times. Also spring BG lags a bit

Basically nothing to do. The layout is extremely confusing and the character customization is very limited past facial features. It’s also incredibly laggy, even on high-end devices. I would’ve played more but there is… absolutely nothing to do other than dress up your avatar and take a picture or two.

It has potential altho it’s missing some features that i would like for u to add like the ability to post it on the account to like and comment and to follow someone. make friends and most importantly is to have worlds or map to explore and to hang out with your friends u made in this app

its amazing i love it but when i try to put on items it doesnt show the preview and before i could see it but a sec later it goes , amazing graphics a bit buggy, logging in and making myself an account was simple so i dont relate to those bugs, u can still use the guest account

It was fun while I was spending close to an hour customizing my avatar. Then the game crashed and I reopened it, the avatar was back to default. All my customizations were gone. Mind you, while I was customizing, I was clicking “Apply” along the way. It saved NOTHING.

Idk what y’all are talking about it works perfectly fine for me?? Yes the verification does go to your spam folder and says it might be dangerous but it’s not actually dangerous it’s just a false alarm. If it’s laggy for u it’s probably just ur device bc it runs smoothly for me

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