ALICE Fiction – Fully voiced stories that take place in a metaverse

[Game] ALICE Fiction

ALICE FictionWelcome to The Metaverse of ALICE!

Metaverse×high speed battle×puzzle!
An addictive, speedy puzzle RPG releasing worldwide this summer!

Absolutely refreshing! Easy-to-play, high speed puzzle battle!
The rules are simple! Break many panels as possible within the time limit and unleash a big blow on the enemy!
Breaking 3 or more panels at once allows you to do an exhilarating special attack!

Main aspects
Many fascinating characters!
Fully voiced stories that take place in a metaverse!
Exciting experience with EDM sounds!
Compete with your friends through versus mode and claim the crown!
Every character is able to upgrade to the highest rarity!
Collaborations with illustrators from all over the world!

You as the protagonist logs into The Metaverse of ALICE for the first time, however, a mysterious error occurs during the process.
You reach ALICE after the error, but you are told that you have lost all of your memories of your past.
Lost memory, a girl who claims to be your younger sister, and “Lost Avatars”” (The Identity Detachment Phenomenon).

As you go on a journey to find the answers, you meet many people including Folklores, and you begin to discover the problems and the truth behind The Metaverse of ALICE.

Theme song
FantasticYouth “”Unreality Escape””

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Title: ALICE Fiction
Price:Free to play(contains in-app purchases)
Development, operation, and distribution: WonderPlanet Inc.

ALICE Fiction user reviews :

Overall pretty good. Graphics are crisp and awesome, voice acting and story great, and music is outstanding. I haven’t seen it, but I wish there was a Playlist feature where you can view/listen to the game soundtrack and possibly set a song in menu or during battles. Right now, the only reason why I’m giving 4 stars is because of connectivity issues. This is the only game I’m having troubles with connection, and would sometimes get kicked while playing because it’s saying I lost connection.

The gameplay is super fun, but as of right now, I cannot even reach the main menu. Before this, the game had never remembered the graphic option I chose multiple times, reverting it back to high setting everytime I open the game. Also I don’t know why it’s so demanding since it seems there are only 2d sprites, and my game lagged really bad. I love the gameplay and voice work and at the time of this review, this game is a broken mess.

I like the game. It’s easy to learn, good character art, and it’s not heavy P2W, at least not where I’m at yet anyways. But when I try to skip a battle to get items it says that my data is corrupted or something like that and I have to force restart why? Maybe you guys need update something or rework something cuz I like the game I don’t want to have to be forced to restart every time I skip a round.

After finally getting my hands on this game. I can definitely say that it is starting off really strong. The 3 match system has always been a thing in other games but having it implemented as its own battle system is great. It’s more refreshing than just a simple turn base system which is excellent. One thing I noticed is that after completing a stage and a mission, there is a lot of downtime from completing the mission to actually being able to touch the screen and continue. Hope it gets fixed

I played Crash Fever obsessively for the better part of two years and this was like a breath of fresh air. Great story, immersive game play, the design is beautiful to look at. A solid 9/10. It’s a brand new game so there’s going to be some bugs and my only major issue is that I can’t find where to report bugs? Especially the game crashing kind.

The game is very good graphics-wise, the art style is similar to crash fever which I highly enjoyed back when I used to play it. The story so far has been pretty generic following the typical path of an amnesiac protagonist, hopefully it gets more interesting as it goes on. Should you feel the need to skip, the game also provides a decent summary of that chapter. The game is suffering from a lot of lag. It barely holds 30fps with no graphical options and no way to increase the frame rate.

So far, it’s the first turn based rpg with combat of this type that I’ve played. Art style is similar to many, the asthetic is edgy, story line feels like Matrix meets Sprited Away (I always skip story anyway). Biggest gripe is the games’ tendency to return you to the main screen due to a random error. Energy system is always lame, the skip battle function is implemented in a super efficient way, and you can tell the producers spent some time on the music. Fun so far.

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