Adera – Unlock the secrets of this new-found civilization

[Game] Adera

Adera  Episode 1 is FREE! Additional episodes are available via in-app purchase.

**Episode 5 available! Thanks so much for your patience! The season pass is also available with all 5 episodes at a discount. Purchase the season pass for a reduced price if you’ve previously purchased episodes individually!**

World class adventurer Jane Sinclaire will face her greatest challenge yet in the mysterious city of Adera. Help Jane solve exciting puzzles, collect hidden artifacts, and explore the environments to unlock the secrets of this new-found civilization.

This episodic story begins when Jane receives a desperate message from her long-missing grandfather. Using nothing but her wits and a strange stone orb to guide her, Jane sets out to find her grandfather before it’s too late.

Dozens of unique puzzles and fantastic environments to explore!
AAA production with incredible 3D graphics, captivating story, professional voice acting, and more!
Over 10 hours of gameplay and hundreds of hidden objects to collect!

Adera user reviews :

Huge bug episode 5 radicals camp item supposed to be picked is out of my phone screen…sad…i payed for the game…

Absolutely awesome!!!!! Beautiful graphics, excellent ease of control, wonderful experience and puzzles too! Very addictive and personally, I think it’s well worth the £6 odd price for the whole package. Very recommended and certainly among the best adventure puzzle games ever. The only downside (if you can call them that) is on occasion, the touch response / controls for the odd game is a tad sluggish. Impossible to complete your additional collection of items though due to minor bugs.

I loved this game. Thankful for hints if needed and skips for the impatient type at no extra charge no less. Im playing on lgg8 thinq and had no problems at all. Graphics were nice and finding the collection items a nice bonus. Thabks devs

When I was 4 or 5 years old I play this game in my laptop . But I have no internet . And there are lots of stages . But they were work if I download . But it’s a good game . Now I play on mobile . And I have ptcl . Unlimited data . Thanks to lunch this game for Android

Was good until the last chapter which had a lot of bugs, a thing of screen you were supposed to take but can’t, and was over all very monotonous just going back and forth.

It’s hardly “like no other,” but the ability to move around in 3-D is unusual. Otherwise, it’s a traditional adventure game where you hunt for pieces that are used to complete puzzles that open doors. I’ve rated it two stars because there was such a lag between tapping or dragging and the result that I’d end up tapping too many times and have to backtrack, there were the constant video interruptions (yes, I did want to skip), and, finally, it crashed my Android tablet. I also agree that the “hints” of where to look and of what to do took away from the fun and the challenge. They were occasionally confusing, because they relied on the player doing things in the expected order.

Great game! I really enjoyed playing. But, there are a few things that I would change. I wouldn’t illuminate unfound clues. Let us look for ourselves first, then after requesting a hint or something, illuminate the item. And I wouldn’t pay the $6.99 + tax the second time around. The game was too easy with clues sparkling in your face all the time. And downloading each chapter is a bummer. I’m not always home where I have access to fast wifi, and downloading on the run seems to take forever!

Enjoyable, no-pressure game. Good graphics, engaging storyline, and a complete product (meaning, no obvious glitches or glaring story or graphics or spelling errors). Very smooth game play. Good mix of adventure, point-and-click, and puzzles. Having the collector’s items interspersed throughout the …

The graphics deserve higher than a 5-star rating. Everything about this game is great. I paid for every chapter because I lived it so much! If I could have the developers make changes, they would be: 1. Don’t highlight unfound objects — let it be more challenging. Or have the option for a more difficult mode. 2. Get rid of most of the inner monologue. It takes away from the beauty and challenge of the game. It gives too many hints and often dumbs down the characters. Otherwise, it’s exceptional

This game is fun, but has some bugs. I have had a game ending bug stop me from finishing at the end of the last chapter, after buying a season pass. So disappointing. It can be tedious to try and pick certain things as up as well. The controls are not as responsive as they should be. The story is intriguing, but having my game cut short due to a bug is really disappointing and now I’ll never know how it ends.

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