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Monster TrainerWelcome to Prehistoric Tribe, a primitive world full of unknowns and adventures!

In this game, you will lead a tribe living in prehistoric times who relied on hunting for a living, learned to tame wild animals, and cultivated various types of warriors to fight against the huge beasts. It’s a world full of opportunities and challenges, and it’s your job to help your tribe thrive.

Game features

As your tribe continues to expand its territory, you will have the opportunity to explore this ancient world and discover mysterious locations and ancient ruins.

Work with your tribe members to collect and tame powerful and interesting ancient beasts, use them to protect your tribe from wild beasts, or use them to participate in fierce fighting competitions.

The game adopts cute and charming hand-drawn visual effects, taking you through time and immersing yourself in the world of primitive people.

Help your tribe thrive by completing various tasks, unlock new skills and resources, and make your tribe more prosperous.

Show off the strength and wisdom of your tribe in strategic battles with other players in the fighting arena.

Not only discover new species, but you can also dig up fossils to unlock secrets from prehistoric times and bring new opportunities to your tribe.
Among the prehistoric tribes, you will experience the life of primitive people and share their joys and frustrations. Live with your tribe, progress together, and grow together. Get ready for a great, relaxing time and adventure into the unknown!

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Monster Trainer user reviews :

Wish I could give a higher rating but can’t all benefits are locked behind a monthly paywall and it’s not even that expensive but they don’t offer any auto battle for free or even put an ad on it for certain amount of time or whatever so they expect free players to sit there for hundreds of stages and hit the battle button and there’s other things they limit free players on it’s just not right this game would be more enjoyable if it wasnt trying money grabbing tactics i wouldnt recommend it

Feels pretty good to play and has a cute art style doesn’t feel too predatory yet, will update if that changes.

If you’re a clan leader and are absent for a couple of days, you get demoted to a member. No one on my server spoke English. Don’t waste money on packs either. You’ll end up having to go against people who have been playing a lot longer from other servers once you’ve won 1st place in your servers arena.

Really enjoy this game and it’s completely F2P with some transactions you can make it you like skins and all. Overall really enjoy all different things you need to do on a daily basis and the hunting is very fun!

Cute graphics design and many combinations to play with

Game won’t load and closed out on me mid battle nothing is opening

Been looking for this game for months didn’t know the name changed use to play it when it was called idl age of cave or something like that it’s the best game so glad I found it again

This game is very good and I just like how when you get a new unit they look all serious but when they are on the Battle field they look goofy

Greta game to pass the time, cute animations, great art, and easy Interface for all ages. Also doesn’t force u to watch ads. Great game in total 5/5 keep up the good work dev and team!

Unique and cute! Love this game…

Very good so far I like what is it about It’s also for kids And that’s all

Dis game is cool especially it need a lot of strategy to win.

A very great game, I am addicted to playing it everyday, just wish that the events can last longer.

Nice graphics and easy to understand I hope in the future updates it have new features great game keep it up

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