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Airport IncHello Boss! Are you ready to become a manager of an airport?

Air Venture is an idle airport tycoon game where you will:
HANDLE various aircrafts
UPGRADE vehicles and facilities
BECOME A MANAGER and control passengers boarding process
HIRE employees and provide the best service
EARN money and increase prestige
BUILD your dream airport
NO INTERNET CONNECTION NEEDED – just play wherever you are
AIRPORT MANAGER GAME – handle aircrafts and fly!
REAL IDLE GAME – incremental mechanics will give you constant progress

Discover your inner manager!
Build and manage your own airport! Handle aircrafts, control boarding processes, earn money and upgrade your stuff. Become a billionaire and reach 5 prestige stars! That is your own venture with idle progress!

Handle aircrafts in time!
Create the best organized airport with a perfect flow. Control work of the air control tower, apron, vehicles and handle aircrafts on time! Create the world’s most punctual airport!

Keep passengers happy!
Manage the boarding process to satisfy passengers and provide perfect service! Balance the work of taxis, check-in, security control and boarding sections to keep people moving smoothly through the terminal.

Become an inventor!
Develop technologies, upgrade boosters and make your handling facilities working more efficient. Increase capabilities of fuel tankers, baggage carts, air control tower and parking! All upgrades are based on incremental mechanics so you will keep constant progress.

Intuitive gameplay with idle game mechanics – very challenging!
5 different aircrafts classes: local, business, domestic, international & intercontinental!
10 different aircrafts to handle – two for each prestige level!
Tens of technologies to develop and upgrade!
Many exciting quests to complete!
Offline idle game – no internet connection needed!
Become a manager – take full control of your business!

Unique incremental mechanics let you play with your own style and grow. Manage and invest in your business like never before! Be a pioneer venture into little-known waters!

If you like idle tycoon games with incremental progress, Air Venture – Idle Airport Tycoon is for you! This is possibly the best airport manager game in the world!

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Airport Inc user reviews :

Great game overall, can get a little grindy towards the end, but its not nearly as bad as most games. My only complaint is that I have a small glitch that only happens when my airport is full of people and it prevents me from clicking on anything. I have to close the game and reload it before it allows me to do anything, but in the process it removes all aircraft and people from my airport and everything has to build back up. Other than that, I love the game and it has been worth playing.

It’s a pretty good game up to a point. The different airports keep it fresh as you go higher and higher. Edited this since I unlocked India. I had thought it would be impossible to unlock but that was because the dollar rankings are confusing. They go, AA, AB, AC, AD, BB. I think some consistancy in values would be helpful so either keep going with A and a letter or have it be double letters all the way.

If you spend too much on upgrades before the tutorial is finished, you will be stuck waiting to slowly gain money without being able to do anything else, including closing the upgrade screen you’re currently on. If you need a certain amount of money to complete the tutorial, you should not be able to spend that money before finishing the tutorial..

Its fun its just one thing thats annoying: Planes,airport,and stuffs. Why are planes too expensive?! at this point i have enough to buy he largest plane in the world,the antonov 225 plane. Like jet aircrafts cost 211 billion?! thats expensive than a goddamn antonov 225 second:airport expansion Airport,we need the expansion,add expansions,therefore,make it we can add anything we want like another runway! just add lands too. third:logging in it shows me an ad,then loads for 100 years.good.

It is very entertaining… It gives a lot of information on how actual airports function.. Although it would be better if different types of airplanes landed.. as in, a private plane can land in the terminal where a continental plane lands as well

Very easy to play. Excellent guidance in the beginning. Very addictive and hard to put down. Absolutely no commercial or advertisement

Love this!!! Definitely recommend idle games!!! So Satisfied with the amount of things you can do in these idle games. I’m to addicted to idles!!!

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