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Alchemists GardenEnjoy Gardens filled with life and stories woven by the future alchemists.

Create a unique box Garden through your adventures.
Garden Simulation RPG x Strategy x Puzzle.

About the Game
This story takes place in a different era, in a faraway land…
As an Alchemist in the Academy, you will receive a box “Garden” teeming with life.
Influenced by your will and magic, your Garden will eventually evolve into a world of its own…

Garden Simulation RPG x Strategy x Puzzle
Explore this new world as you please and collaborate with other players. You can even compete against them.
Enhance Characters to aid you and grow your Garden the way you like.
Form a Guild with friends, participate in Guild events, engage in intense and thrilling Guild Wars, and more.
There are many more game modes for you to explore!

Recruit Characters
You can find Characters ranging from the beast-eared maidens to mecha ladies. There are all kinds of Garden residents with intriguing personalities.
You can even recruit your favorite Characters to join your adventures.
You can enhance every Character to the highest grade. These Characters will then become a part of your indispensable assault team!

Powerful Voice Cast
Dozens of well-known voice actors dedicated their voices to bring you a highly immersive audio-visual feast:
Koga Aoi, Mineda Mayu, Inoue Honoka, Tajima Saran, Yamaki Anna, and more!

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Alchemists Garden user reviews :

Good graphics, cute characters, interesting storyline with voiceovers and satisfying gameplay. However, the character drop rates especially the featured ones are trash, lots of duplicates to strengthen the characters I never used. The gameplay is fun— puzzles, building stuff, training troops and more. The game also freezes and crashes sometimes while playing quest and tapping stuff has delays, need to tap 2 times to get everything done. In addition, this game lacks EN players and too underrated.

The game is great, combat system, characters, events, even gacha. However having for example a list of characters and from where to get them would be great so you don’t waste your time waiting for a character that will never come back. And in overall to know what kind of characters are available. More information about events would be awesome too, specially about tasks and rewards.

I love the gameplay and concepts..but its not really well optimized on my device..the gameplay and lobby was smooth to touch,swap/swiped..but it so laggy when open other menu such as summon or i can say all menu except in battle and lobby..please contact me when this problem solved..i love this game but im uninstaled it really sorry for 2 star..

  • Pls accept our sincere apology for the problem you met. Also, we do appreciate your feedback. We have delivered it to our team instead. Pls stay tuned and we will do our best to optimize the game and provide you all better gameplay.If any further input or suggestions, kindly contact us via[at]

If the description had made it more clear that this is just another PvP city builder game, I wouldn’t have downloaded it. The story is bland and is basically just window-dressing

  • Hi, there. Thank you for your feedback. There will be more exciting features added in-game, and we do hope you can spend more time further experiencing the world of Alchemists’ Garden.

Love this game, but every guild is dead. It’s nearly impossible to find a guild with active members.

Another cookie cutter match-3/base builder with no story, no combat animations, horrible summon rates (0.18% for target character!!!), ridiculous daily requirements, and bad UI. Functional, but otherwise it’s a junk product cash grab.

  • Hi, there. Thanks for your feedback. Alchemists’ Garden is a free-to-play game and can be enjoyed without making any purchases. There will be more exciting features in-game, and we believe you will like it if spending more time. Happy gaming!

This is a low stress city builder/conquer gacha with cute girls. My only source of frustration is frequent disconnects that crash out of the game. But I reinstalled it and came back because I like its style.

great game. been playing for a while. f2p and still is fun.

I might be the first rater but I think so far the game is actually not that bad there have no bugs or glitches, animation is simple and so are the battles. I won’t lie there’s some things that can be improved such as the gacha system doesn’t look very appealing and and the fights are very plain. But overall it’s really not bad so far and the designs of the buildings are really cute I hope there will be more exciting content in the future!

Better than a lot of similar games… Prices for summons are a little high and rewards from levels can be frustrating to grind, but again, compared to other similar games, better. I’ve been enjoying the art style and interface. Very Fun.

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