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[Game] iSurvivor – Epic Shoot ‘Em Up

iSurvivorWhen an army of monsters emerged from the ground under the leadership of the demon boss, they attacked humans, living creatures and destroyed everything.

A peaceful world deeply exists in the jungle, but the monsters also break the peace. Life-hunting monsters everywhere turn life into zombies. As one of the last survivors, you must fight and kill hordes of monsters to rebuild a peaceful world. Start the adventure by trying to escape while rescuing the last survivors.

Monsters appear everywhere, they chase and attack living creatures in the world. The beautiful world turned to ruin. Some people run away from monsters’ chase and try to survive, avoid their attacks, and gather together into armies to fight and kill the monsters.

The game is a combination of many different game genres, such as survival games, adventure games, action games, snakes of prey games, and shooting games…


Survive among lots of monsters and zombies.
Use every skill to increase your survival time.
Select proper items for the actual conditions to increase your chances of survival.
Divide skill sets according to heroes with different strengths.
Make flexible strategies in combination with life skills.
Kill monsters, zombies and become the last survivor.
Experience many games at one level.

Touch, hold, and move the hero to defeat monsters and zombies.
Find and rescue allies to form a powerful army, and move your formation according to the snakes of prey game
Choose proper support items to increase your survival time.
Collect gear in the adventure and perfect your fighting skills.

iSurvivor user reviews :

This game has a potential: the art style is fun and the gameplay holds my attention. It really makes you want to improve and grow your characters, alas, it depends heavily on paying for things. Either that, or you will find yourself watching ads to get gold and gems 90% of the time spent in the game. The amount of ads I’ve seen, I felt like I’ve seen an entire trilogy of Lord of The Rings (Extended edition), and I still can’t make any significant progress in the game. Too bad.

Incredible IO Survivor style game. Pros: Easy + Simple + Cheap Progression + Diverse Heroes + Diverse Skills + Cheap Deals (RLC) + Cheap Heroes + Cheap “No Ads” + Double everything when using “No Ads” Cons: -Some characters are useless / bad. -Too much on the screen at the same time. -No Season Pass (yet?) -Remove “enemies explode” from level 3. -Needs more Gamemodes / Extras. Overall, very good and fun game, considering buying the No Ads, cheap sales (heroes), easy gameplay. Keep it up boys!

it’s your typical endless wave kinda thing. I like the lil pet guys you pick up along the way, same with all the different power ups you aquire aswell during the levels. its repetitive but at least it’s always go go fo non stop action. if your looking for something to pass time and not really have to worry ànot completing missions or quests n big boss levels just pick up n put down look no further.

Nice that I’ve spent money it lags and makes me restart after every match now booo.i know have to restart after every match and still blocked from doing lvl 17 just a blue flag and an x absolutely no response from support and I’ve spent money on this

I enjoy the game but new levels need to be added and other challenges. Also having a 1 hour 20 minutes challenge a bit too long in my opinion.

Game won’t start if I’m on wifi, has to be on my mobile data to play. – 1 star. Have to watch an ad to receive any rewards from quest. – 1 star. Unoriginal game, knock off of every other survivor game out there with nothing to make it unique or stand out. -1 star. Having to waste my time to warn others not to waste their’s. -1 star.

Well worth the mere seconds it took to download. VERY addictive game, fun for hours! I once caught myself when I downloaded it, playing for an hour and a half before I realized what was going on, lol

I really love iSuvivor: Epic Shoot Em Up. The game play is really smooth with graphics & sounds flawless. I especially enjoyed the in-game power ups. iSuvivor is a must download for all gamers.

Great game. It’s worth paying for ad removal

It’s been okay so far…too many adverts for upgrading though.

Good action, not to easy but definitely doesn’t want to make me throw my phone.

This game is really good fun and it passes the time you know when you’re waiting to do something or waiting to meet someone

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