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[Game] Dig and Dunge

Dig and DungeDig&Dungeons is an ARPG mobile game characterized by dungeon exploration. In the game, you will play an adventurer who goes deep into the dungeon.

With your weapons and metal pick, you will defeat demons in the dungeon by maneuvers and gain better equipment to challenge dungeons in deeper area.

Dig and explore As an adventurer, you will go into the dungeons to explore the treasures, which requires you to dig around the walls with a pick in your hand, find the treasure chest guarded by monsters, defeat them, and retrieve the treasures.

Suits combination The game has a rich suit system, with different suits incorporating different skill sets. You can also use drawings to build traps in dungeons to fight monsters.

Variety of gameplay There are many types of battles in the game. Fighting enemies and killing monsters are not only about brute strength. You need to rely on strategies to fight.

Diversified props A variety of items can be used in dungeons, each serving a unique purpose. The uncertainties and the completely unconventional results are addictive.

Dig and Dunge user reviews :

Restarting does not help. The sounds stop after the game tries to login into google account. The game tries to login every time it is started. It is not the volume. It is a common Unity based bug that stops the sound everytime the game is minimized or brought into background. Restarting would help if the game was not checking the login by attempting to login every time it is opened. This brings the game into background for a second which mutes the sound. Video of it: streamable(dot)com/osgb1x

  • If you restart the game, have you recovered the sound of the game? Do you have the volume to turn on the phone?

No matter how great your defense is the enemies tear thru you like a hot knife in butter. They heavily encourage you to buy that sword offered. Skills in battle are random. If you don’t get the heal skill quit cause you won’t win the majority of time. For 2,000 gold you can equip 10 bandaids but if you die you don’t get them back. You are only given 10 seconds between waves to dig up the battlefield for emergency rations. Tries way too hard to be locks quest and fails horribly.

It’s a great game perfect for those who doesn’t play full time. Just that, I hope you put an option to switch characters movement controls to tap destination controls so the game can be played with one hand.

While the gameplay is good, it takes 5 min for initial game load. Also, I am getting a new error today and am unable to start it: Dig&Dungeons has not completed the Google verification process. Please see what needs to be done to fix it.

You should be able to long press on the subtitles to speed up the text in the intial story. I want to see/hear the story, but we can read faster than what’s on screen.

I think at the core the game is flawed in the mechanics. And I think it all centers around the lantern. The lantern introduces urgency to the player’s mindset when going into the dungeon and that instantly kills off the desire to explore. On top of that you have a energy/stamina cost per floor so both of them combined just makes the stamina game burn out fast. Along with this sense of urgency the pick up loot mechanic is frustrating, make it full radial pick up. Character limit… Good luck

  • Thank you for your support of the game We will seriously consider your suggestion hope to get your better rating

My favorite ARPG on mobile. Action is split into stages that take 2–5 minutes, PERFECT for short bursts. Tempo of combat feels good, not too fast or too slow. You have to keep moving, but you do get a little time to think about how. There is a bit of a learning curve on how gear management plays into character progression, but it’s worth it to see your character suddenly do really well in a stage where you did so poorly before.

  • Thank you for your support of the game

Great fun in appropriate doses. Solid graphics, decent controls and a good concept. You can pay for items to play longer or get the top equipment, but the game remains totally playable without spending money if you manage your resources and have patience! Developer responds when bugs are found, the game is still evolving, it’s worth checking out.

  • Thank you for your support of the game

Haven’t gotten too far into this yet (Getting annoyed with being asked to rate something before I’ve really had a chance to try it out), but so far, it looks pretty interesting. The style actually reminds me a lot of Bullfrog Studio’s, Dungeon Keeper 2, one of the most epic games I’ve ever played! So yeah, I’m gonna try this out some more.

  • Thank you for your support of the game.

While some of the mechanics are still opaque to me, this is definitely one of the more balanced games I’ve played. Tactics do matter. Upgrades do matter. Graphics are great and the controls are genuinely smooth even offline. Thanks, Gen X. And, yeah, we come with knives.

  • Thank you for your support of the game

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