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AmtrakExperience a new way to take the train with Amtrak .

Get simple and intuitive access to all the travel information you need, book your trip on the go, and stay up-to-date as trains arrive. Do it all without the hassle of your laptop, making calls or extra trips to the office. With the Amtrak mobile application you can:
• Plan and book travel throughout Amtrak’s nationwide system of trains and buses
• Check the arrival and departure status of trains
• Display your eTicket from right in the app. Leave paper behind. eTickets are available nationwide. See for more details.
• Modify your reservations or upgrade your seat.
• Search stations for location, building amenities and hours of operation. Amtrak links you to Google for maps, streetview and turn-by-turn directions
• Connect to your Amtrak Guest Rewards account

Amtrak for Android integrates with your phone so you can select passengers from contacts, add trips to the calendar and share your trip.

Amtrak user reviews:

Useful, stable app. I love the eticket feature, just like many of the airlines. No need for a paper ticket. The app has better and more comprehensive functionality than the actual Amtrak website. Upcoming trips show right up without having to look them up by train number, etc… Great app.

Finally!!! Please add ability to get updates on trains as notifications and easier AGR info!

Gives the bad guys access to my emails, contacts AND calender and allows anybody to change and/or delete any or all of my data. Thanks, but no one associated with Amtrak has friends I want looking at my private stuff. YIKES!

Great app with a clean, easy to use UI. Now I can manage my trips on the go. Best feature is e-tickets. No more waiting in line or forgetting my boarding pass!

I can’t even begin to tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this to come out! Extremely functional with a sleek design. No problems so far.

I love this app, ride often, and was looking forward to using this app. I didn’t get to open it even once. As soon as I installed it, my phone complained that I was nearly out of system memory. When I found out my new Amtrak app was using almost 9 MB on my device, more than any other app including Avast, I had no choice but to uninstall it immediately. Is there some technical reason why this app simply must use system memory? If so, then I simply can’t have it on my phone. If I ever get a phone with more system memory, or if you ever make a version that installs on the SD card, I’ll give it another try.

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