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AmtrakDiscover the convenience of traveling with Amtrak. With the Amtrak app you can get simple and intuitive access to all the travel information you need, whenever you need it.

Show your eTicket while onboard, including multi-ride and monthly passes – no need to print
Purchase one-way, roundtrip, multi-ride and monthly tickets with dollars or Amtrak Guest Rewards points
Check train status
Find station information
Edit and manage your account profile
Save credit cards for quick checkout
And so much more…

With the Amtrak app, you can do it all right from your smart device.

Amtrak user reviews :

The app used to work…okayish. But the last few updates have made it near useless. Anytime I go to log into my account, it puts up a loading screen, and that’s it. Never proceeds to where I can log in, and I can’t back out of it. I have to close the program all together. Beyond that, buying tickets works, but it is buggy and not very intuitive. It has detered me from Amtrak as a travel option over the last 2 years because of these issues.

I’m not very “techy” but this is kinda crazy with different screens on the app. it seems like the whole thing needs updating and consolidating options. there are several places you can look up about what the experience will be but they dont have exactly the same information. eg the bid up would be nice to find again. even the help “button” I cant find it again either. I tried amtrak last year when I had some winter travel alone. I had complications then too. I did enjoy the ride, the staff.

Cannot book using the app. The problem is I cannot tap on the station to select it, either using the Map option or the List option. Similarly, I cannot look up the status of the train. Similar, tapping error issues. It is frustrating. Edit (updated from 1 to 4 stars): most glitches seem to have been fixed now. Better late than never!

No shopping cart on the app. Chosen trips are added to the cart, but there is no cart to click on to make a purchase. Basically, the app is informational only, since you can’t book anything. Also, the update erased all my profile data and I had to re-enter it. That’s just annoying.

while I appreciate Amtrak and the service they provide…it’s always something with them. The app has been wonky for a while and it hasn’t been letting you checkout/pay for your tickets. you also get random “error” pop ups or a “timeout” when you’re literally just trying to book a ticket. But nevertheless thank you for your service.

The app is generally good, although parts of the interface could use some polish, and I *really* wish it had the ability to save tickets to Google Wallet, like the iPhone app can with Apple Wallet. It could also use some speed improvements, it can be pretty laggy, which is frustrating to wait for as the conductor comes by to check tickets.

Poor execution on end user experience. Fails to provide users intuitive ways to book travel; date selection is very poor. Constant errors with screen refresh. Will receive text messages with departure info but never via app. As a frequent Amtrak rider, the experience is extremely poor. The only thing that works well is the increased brightness and zoom for ticket scanning

Not helpful for longer trips. I’ve tried multiple times to book trips cross country and the app just says they dont have a train going between those cities. It doesn’t offer suggestions or list connecting point that would be needed to make the travel. You’re stuck researching each leg separately and connecting to dots on your own. I’m in no rush during my travels and would like to see the countryside without the hassle of driving myself. But this app is useless for that.

The app is very handy for booking my commute, and I also like the gate information, but it would be great if it were provided more in advance of a few moments of actual boarding. There was an issue with logging on in the past that has been fixed. I like the upgrade feature -when it works; however, I wish there was a way to “downgrade” as well. If the only seats in first class are in the opposite direction of travel it would be nice to have the ability to restore and save the upgrade coupon.

App has improved in the last 6 months but booking section is constantly glitching–specifically the calendar. I.e.: Stays on departure when you click to modify return, & vice versa. Calendar page often prompts 2-3 times even after you have selected a date. Happens w/ one way & round trip (also makes you restart the entire booking to toggle btw these two). & yes, OS/the app are up to date. App has improved! but it still gets rowdy every other visit. (Thanks for your work on this, UX/UI folks!)

Update: getting better, but still 3 stars. Useful for booking, managing, and using tickets. Live arrival time should show on home after ticket is scanned. Needs dropdown menu for available account coupons. System should know to apply one coupon per direction on roundtrip, but you have to book one way tickets to use any coupon. Coupons should appear in order of experation! I get frequent errors trying to use vouchers. Needs better realtime integration and push notification rather than texts.

The app works pretty fluidly for what I need it for. I like that the ticket will still show without an internet connection and that you can modify a trip. I can see issues with searching for routes and viewing information about a specific train. I’d like an update that shows the actual arrival time instead of the scheduled time on the ticket, so you don’t have to look for it.

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