Frisbee Forever – Get ready for blast-off

[Game] Frisbee Forever

Frisbee Forever  Now available for FREE.

Go wild in the worlds of Frisbee® Forever! A fast-paced game with super crisp HD, 3D graphics.

Get ready for blast-off. Fly at breathtaking speed across more than 100 crazy tracks. Twist and turn in the California Theme Park, climb the majestic mountains in the Wild West, send the waves blazing in the Pirate filled Caribbean oceans or prance through the snow in the new Winter wonderland. There’s a level for everyone!

Play with cool classic Wham-O® Frisbees® or brand new discs only available in Frisbee® Forever. Collect more than 100 Frisbees®, with plenty of trophies and secret bonuses to achieve.

Frisbee Forever user reviews :

Before update: I use to play this game but it doesn’t open on android 9/android pie can you plz fix this since this game was awsome. After update: Works again, amazing game, really fun

I’d like to tell how this game is, but this game does not work on Android Pie. If you use a phone with Android Pie, don’t bother.

The game loads up but when I try to press anything it just doesn’t do anything. So I’m guessing it’s made for older devices, cause I’m using a Motorola Z4 trying to play it

This is my favorite game in the store. Can be enjoyed without any in-app purchases

Keeps crashing, its the games fault as i have a samsung galaxy S8.

Simply not updated to support newer versions of android. Dont bother.

It is a very good game but I have a question how do you get gold on level 4 of oaktree gardens.

This game is my childhood game, and please don’t change it i love it so much!

I love it. I played this game as a kid and finnaly found it. so many memories.

This game is a lot of fun and challenging

love the game! I think it’s better than the second one!

The game just crashes

Thanks bro kiloo your game is so very Asome You know.. Thank you again bro kiloo.

This game is suck after I download this app it show up nothing

If I could give this app negative stars I would. I just downloaded the app on my note 4 and the app won’t even start…..Wham-o this app sucks

Crashes Every time I load it a second later it closes and says Unfortunately, Frisbee has stopped working. Very sad, I was looking forward to playing it on my TV with chromecast

Didn’t work on my last phone and won’t open on my new phone either, the s7 edge. I used to love this game and I can’t even play it now. Please fix so I can at least open the app without it immediately crashing!!!

This is the best game ever when I had my galaxy Samsung s3 I had downloaded this game fantastic game and it’s good for me when I go back to gym maybe at the end of the school year this lady had an baby she said she go be back by the end of the school year before she had the baby stomach they be having Frisbee and I can’t throw that good in the Hula hoops but it’s easier on the phone better than real life because I hate going to gym and playing Frisbee I might get one on my 12th birthday gym is my thing….

I used to play it in 2010-2013 then I got a new phone and my dad got one so the homeboy deleted but remembered it and immediately searched for it brings back memories overall it’s a balanced game challenging but simple to get the hang of

Updating rating. They have fixed the game and it is very playable now, I had forgotten how fun this game is. It is cheerful and upbeat and can get very challenging. One of the best for android.

Amazing Use it mostly when I wait for my parenta afterschool hahaha. Great tim wasting game (in a good way)… five stars

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