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Anargor***Anargor RPG 3D GAME – FREE TO PLAY ***

Hero, the World is counting on you !
The Hero woke up and discovered that the Evil is coming from the underworld known as Anargor to destroy the World. Suddenly, he is pulled into this epic story, straight from his peaceful life. Chosen by the Gods, the Hero is on the way to stop the madness.

*** Travel through the realistic world with magnificent graphics and sound set in the medieval times.
*** Enjoy the real time melee combat face to face.
*** 6 massive and detailed levels free to play (and more to follow soon).
*** Try to complete quests and missions in order to save the World.
*** Over 14 amazing enemy types (wolves, skeletons, orks, spiders …) in game, each with their own unique attacks and strategies.
*** Range of equipment (more than 50) will help you to go through the troubles.
*** Stimulating background music and great sound effects.
*** Astounding visual effects like fireballs, freezing, thunderbolt, storm and more make your playing and magical attacks stunning to see.
*** Options to control camera (third-person camera or 45 degree top) and option for customize fight mode view – all this in options menu.
*** Collect gold coins after beating the enemies.
*** Customize your Hero with a range of new weapons, armors or shields in game using collected or purchased coins.
*** Use special magic and spells to defeat enemy or increase you health or strength.
*** Buy health and mana bottles to increase you vitality and astral points.
*** Save and load game whenever you want.
*** Detailed mini maps will help you to find your way around and to solve the quest.
*** Gain experience points with each completed quest and unlock new features as you level up.
* Compatible with Android 2.3.3 and higher.

Please keep in mind that Anargor game is recommended for dual and quad core devices only. Optimized version for the Tegra GPUs is in progress and will be released soon.
The game in not available for single-core CPU users, sorry about that.
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Anargor user reviews :

My problem is i cant run ina straight like with auto camera. Its horrible. And the fightinf mechanics need alot of work. But the game has potential and has a very nice atmosphere

Thanks for the update; the wolf isnt constantly howling now and there are alot of improvments. Keep up the good work and this game will be awsome.


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