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Armada Warship LegendsArmada is a Turn-Based Naval Battle Sci-Fi RPG with hundreds of famous warships in history.

In Armada, you can collect real-life warships in history, build powerful fleets, defeat mighty Bosses with strategies, and fight against other players to see who rules the oceans!

Endless Fun of Collection
Battleship, aircraft carrier, cruiser, destroyer…Different Warships that are REAL in history are waiting for you to collect! Thousands of combinations for you to explore! Check out the dazzling and unique Skills of different Warships! Pick the best Equipment Sets and Accessories to strengthen your Warships and get ready for challenging battles!

Fight with Your Fellows
Join a Fleet, share thoughts with your fellows, and challenge mysterious Super Warships together! Through concerted effort, you can always sail through any storm!

Strategic Gameplay
Assemble Warships, explore unknown oceans, and defeat dangerous and mighty Bosses using different and effective strategies! With your strategic command, every team of yours can be invincible!

Fight against Other Players
Challenge players all over the world to win amazing loot in PVP battles! Develop your Warships and head to the battlefield for victory! Demonstrate that you are the king of the ocean!

Diverse Missions
Complete all types of missions and quests that are carefully designed and you will be well rewarded! Enjoy the satisfaction of overcoming various challenges! Prove that you are the most qualified Navy commander!

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Armada Warship Legends user reviews :

Been playing this game for a couple weeks now, its really good in my opinion, yes theres in game ads for purchases with money, but you don’t really need them, best of all to me is theres absolutely ZERO mandatory commercials unless you want additional rewards, ships are really cool too! All id ask is maybe Arizona is added in a future update!

  • Hello Wyatt, thank you for your review, and I will forward your suggestion to our internal design team, hopefully Arizona will be added soon, have a nice day

Fun, simple, zero pressure warship-build-n-battle game. Does NOT have to occupy your every minute of every day. When you come back a week later, your entire fleet has not been sunk, etc., like many other games… so this game is fun and mentally relaxing in that it can take your mind off of work, etc, without taking over your mind, like a Last Survivor Shelter, etc. Biggest plus is that you do not have to spend a dime to enjoy or to do well in the game.

  • Thank you for your review and all the feedbacks, we highly appreciate it, have a nice day

This really is a five star game, ruined by in game adds. I don’t need 5 different pop-ups telling me about all the current events. Or that I have mail, or items in the store, or achievements are available. I counted 10 pop-ups on my last play through. That and “multi-battle” really needs to be replaced by some kind quick battle, because locking my phone out for an hour to play the same auto battle 50 times is never going to happen.

Very fun to collect and upgrade ships in missions. Easy to learn and play while playing the campaign. Great game.

If you like Raid Shadow Legends, Warships, don’t mind a few bugs (nothing game breaking) and heavy look at me monetization, then this is the game for you. It is so obviously a Raid clone in every aspect. No effort was put into distinguishing it beyond its setting.

  • Thank you for your review, we are sorry for any disappointment, and we will keep improving our game according to users’ feedback. Have a nice day

love this game Awesome graphics realistic ships different ships to battle . Keep up the great work on the game. I just wish that the ships would chase the other ships instead of going in a straight line.

  • Hello Dwain, thank you for your review and feedbacks, we will keep improving our games according to users’ feedback, have a nice day

Great game, graphics are decent and it runs well but my god is the gacha system absolutely horrid. Getting packs is literally one of the hardest things you’ll have to grind and for some reason, even doing a 10 draw from the most basic pack gets me no 3 star ships multiple times? It’s clear it’s a pay to win. Really wished the game had a better gacha system because I wouldn’t mind spending cash if I knew the odds were better. Edit: That’s the kicker, did all the draws during the events!

  • Hello Vachon, thank you for your review. I understand your concern about Gacha odds, we do have building events (with at least 2X odds) almost every week, it’s a good strategy to save all building plans for those events. Hope you will enjoy our game, have a nice day

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