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[Game] Soul Of Ring – Revive

Soul Of RingIn an era where man-eating demons roamed the land,
People gathered all the witches
and their elf offspring together.

They expended all their magic and life
to forge the Ultimate Magic Ring capable of resisting the demons.

Will he, who wears the Magic Ring,
be able to defeat the demons?

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 Creative Ring System
Eliminate CP Differences,
One-Hit Victory!
One Ring, One Kill! Explore the unique ring system that we have created! Log in to claim the Soul Ring without any top-up! Such as: Venom Soul Ring, Execution Ring, Invincible Ring, Order Soul Ring, Rebirth Soul Ring, Dragon Soul Ring, Phoenix Soul Ring, Blade of Chaos,Vampire Blood.

Endless Bosses
Enjoy a 100% Drop Rate from the Bosses
Obtain Unique and Exclusive Divine Demon Gear.
Wild BOSS, Savage BOSS, Immortal Array BOSS, Exclusive BOSS, Social Welfare Boss, and many Bosses are ready to throw down the gauntlet! Take on these formidable foes in Immortal Guild Dungeon, Team Dungeon, Flower Dungeon and other dungeons to claim your stake of Soul Ring’s finest treasure. Such as albion denon, nexus demon.

Free Trading
Everything you desire is within reach
Piece Of Cake! Obtain Everything!
All servers are connected through inter-server technology, and all individuals within them will collide and compete against each other for better rights and faster growth while cooperating and having exchanges through the connected economy . One market of conflict and cooperation, one economy, and one world. For example:Blades of Chaos, Evil Suits, Immortal Demon Suits, Gundam-like Suits.

Massive Battles
Guild War, Cross-Server War
Conquer Everything!
Based on inter-server technology, the Battlefront works as a massive arena that breaks through size limits, enabling the clash of all servers with over a thousand players. Limited time activities-Westward Journey Restarts, Limited time activities-Blade Fantasy, rumbling run.

Fantasy World Expedition
Embark on an Epic Adventure with a captivating storyline
Night versus day, light versus darkness, order versus chaos, and oppression versus rebellion. Everything clashes and collides in this game. Dive into the most realistic experience of the Soul Ring World.

Soul Of Ring user reviews :

It is enjoyable not until the update today.. I logged in before world boss and downloaded the patch for update. But unfortunately didn’t able to enter the world boss even if I was there. The countdown finished but i wasn’t able to join also 1 of my guildmate experienced this. I changed to wi-fi to data to wi-fi again but nothings changed. This is not good. Must have compensation for this!

  • Do you encounter any problem in game? Please contact us on Facebook and we’ll try our best to help you.

Drop from 5 stars to 1 star. Terrible connection. DC every minute. When was try to download it to any other of my devices in 4 of them after 40 minutes it was show me only 40%. And I have hight end devices and internet connection. In the game 1.No description from where to get items. Walk and seek on your own.2. Server times not shown. Only device times. Try to guess on your own when to attend events. 3. Way too many items are behind the pay wall. And they are not cheep at all! 4. No support.

  • Do you encounter any problem in game? Please contact us on Facebook and we’ll try our best to help you.

It is a good game but it’s basically a cash grab for the Devs you level up but then people who spent irl money on the game can be stronger than you even if they are way more under leveled than you. Basically all I’m saying is if you want to have fun you have to either 1. Play the game very often to maintain your rank 2. Pay alot of money to get 1st place in CP leaderboards or 3. Just quit. You’ll never have fun unless you pay money.

its amazing and competitive the graphics is high quality too the story is amazing although it has few problems buts its understandable since its just released recently. I found some bugs but I dont know where to report it since theres no contact support option on the game I hope it could be added soon and give rewards to those who found bugs while your at it. and I hope it gives free to play players a chance to grow and balance the game to make it fair to casual and non spenders.

As a FTP, this game is great! You can complete all the PVE content, so many ways to up CP. Useful events to do everyday. The progression system for gear, upgrades is amazing. No lost or wasted materials. I love this game. Have played for 12 days and still having a lot of fun. Good job devs. The later game focuses on PVP which I don’t like but still many PVE things to do as well. Paying players gain a great advantage in PVP but they should IMO. Good job devs.

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