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Alarm Clock Puzzle  Puzzle Alarm Clock is the result of scratching our own itch. Stock alarm clock apps were too easy on us in the mornings, and we needed an app that will make sure we get up in time. Now it’s here.

Do you create a lot of separate alarms and you don’t know when the next one is going to go off
That’s okay. Now you’ll always see the time of your next alarm in the same place.

Can’t get yourself together in the morning?
Add Puzzles to solve before you’ll be able to turn off an alarm. Choose from some of the basic ones and if it doesn’t cut it, buy additional, harder minigames.

Do you turn off the alarm and go back to sleep?
Enable “Wake-up Poke” feature. 5 minutes after turning off the alarm you’ll need to prove that you’re up or else it will go off again.

Alarm goes off and you set snooze endlessly?
Add a snooze limit, use it up and lose the chance to snooze again.

Woke up before the alarm and you want to skip it?
You can turn off every alarm within an hour before it goes off. Use a button in the “Upcoming alarm” notification.

There’s more to it. Install and check it out yourself!

Talk to us @PuzzleAlarmApp

Puzzle Alarm Clock User Reviews:

Been using this for a year. Offers a number of good puzzles and annoying but effective power-ups that stop you from sleeping. In the future, I hope for a feature where alarms can be duplicated and shared, and the time can be changed for every individual puzzle. The pro version puzzles and barcode scanning is even more dope!

Honestly one of my favourite alarm clocks out there! I’ve used many of the top alarm clock apps over the years and am constantly on the lookout for new ones, but in the end I always find myself turning back to this one. I find myself easily completing challenges in these apps in my sleep so that I don’t really wake up, but this app is one of the best in actually waking up. Highly recommended if waking up is a huge mission in your life!

This app WAS great… Until my alarms stopped going off. As of late, the alarms have been sounding either INCREDIBLY late, or not at all. Just this morning, my 6 AM alarm didn’t go off until I opened the app (at 7:45), turned the alarm off, then turned it back on again. When this first started happening I could fix it by resetting my phone, which I’d do right before I went to sleep, but it didn’t help at all last night. All in all, this would have been a super useful app if it actually worked.

This app is the perfect alarm! I love the interface and all the options that has are simply amazing! Beautiful and useful!

It’s brilliant. Normally I fInd it difficult to wake up but this really helps. And you can set it to check you’re awake by sending you a message if you’re awake and if you’re don’t reply the alarm goes off again. Brilliant .

Finally someone made an app for people who have legitimate issues getting their brain to respond in the morning! Not just a dumb little feature added that a few alarms have – this is focused on the quiz/puzzle aspect.

Its extremely rare that an alarm clock wake me up, but this one does. Im glad it’ll let me choose songs to wake up to, they music is louder than reg tones. Galaxy2EpicTouch

I live in a room without windows, and no other alarm has woken me up the first time. If you’re really lazy, set the difficulty to be as hard as possible.

Either it’s me or the phone NO alarm works on my phone. Then if I put a alarm more than an hour it doesn’t go off.maybe it’s just crappy phone but I thought this was gonna be a good app. -.-

God alarm clock. However when accidentally pushing back button during alarm there is no way to turn it off again. Had to turn off phone…

I love this app. I definately need an alarm like this to make sure I don’t go back to sleep. I like that it checks up on you after you turn it off

now it tempts me to throw my cell against the wall every morning, frustrates me, so i guess it do solves it purpose , :D a nice app

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