Lost Galaxy Guardian – Restore the lost Glory of Terris

[Game] Lost Galaxy Guardian

Lost Galaxy GuardianTerris, a land that nurtured a powerful and prosperous civilization. However, over a century ago, the Malic Orcs and Lair Swarm invaded Terris and almost destoryed everything.

Commander, restore the lost Glory of Terris and become the Guardian of the Universe. Only you and your heroes can save this world!


Casual Idle Gameplay
Grow your heroes and simply set up your team, your heroes will do the rest. Enjoy the EPIC battle and getting stronger anytime&anywhere!

Forge the Most Powerful Guardians
With a vast selection of heroes and endless team combinations, you’ll have the opportunity to create unique strategies and dominate your opponents.

Distinctive Art Style
Dive into our immersive interstellar civilization world with stunning graphics and visuals, making it a truly unique gaming experience.

Thrilling and Diverse Challenges
Battles, puzzles, and massive different modes to explore, there’s always something new and exciting to discover.

Download to start your Stellar Expedition now, Commander!

Contact us: CSC[at]37mobile.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Lost-Galaxy-Guardian-121611527522407
Official Website: lostgalaxy.37mobile.com

Lost Galaxy Guardian user reviews :

The game is just alright. The graphics are the clear draw-in, taking obvious inspiration from other cell shaded games like Borderlands. Unfortunately the game has numerous issues, constant grammar and spelling mistakes, broken English making it difficult to understand what the game is trying to convey, incredibly long battles even with 2x speed and auto play turned on. Overall it’s a very slow, grindy experience.

When I first booted the app everything seems fine however the response time for every click was horrible. The game kept trying to bring me to different menus in which I couldn’t access until later levels. It did not let me click through the tutorial either. Couldn’t play the game at all really. Hopefully it’ll get better with time.

The game is fundamentally there. Dont get me wrong the game is great. They are missing some quality of life components. We need to be able to regress 5 star heroes which isnt a option. We should be able to progress story faster or earn exp faster because of right now waiting 2 days to progress to next stage will make a lot of people quit before they can even enjoy the full capabilities of this game. They dont have discord and the devolpers lack communication. But its worth the 4 star.

Pay to win… not even a good experience… slow and it kinda feels like they tried to rip off borderlands… they even have a clap trap…ish character…after playing for a few hrs… its a waste of time. Gl developers I can think of at least 4 other older titles that do much better for quality of life plays and bring a sense of wanting to support the devs… this falls short.

The only reason I’m giving you a 2 star is because it has now taken me 5 weeks to go 6 story levelike. This is crazy It takes me four or five days to get to the next level I need to keep going forward That’s an awesome way To lose your character base who wants to play a game that you can’t do anything but look at a screen for Five day straight you can only Log on and collect that’s dumb

You can tell they don’t have a lot of content. They use cheap tricks at every corner to prolong your progression. Timers between battles. Player level limiting access to fights. Fights take a LONG time. The whole things feels like watching molasses move.

Nice graphics and gameplay. No storyline at all tho. Other a breif description of whats happening in the opening cutscene. but that aside the game is great otherwise so far. Would ve nice to see a storyline included in this world.

Potential a really good game, just ruined by annoying pay 2 win models like every other game out there. Not sure why every mobile game has to be some pay2win gatcha game.

It’s a great game but it can be better when it comes to regressing the 5-star heroes, why is it not an option to level them down when you can level down the four stars and below please fix the game

Art style is great and the dialog and story is good too. I see a bright future for this game.

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