Infinite Hero – The stronger the higher

[Game] Infinite Hero

Infinite Hero High-quality pixel art effects and hack-and-slash genre combined

Eye-catching effects and the attribute-based skill system
Customize your character with costumes and equipment
Equipment items limitlessly farmed just by running stages
Beat yourself and become stronger in awakening battles
Tile map dungeons explored with the goal of 3-star clear
The stronger the higher! Advance in the Infinite Tower towards the final boss Balrog
Raid the Red Dragon with control and strategic skill uses against its unique attack patterns

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seems fun so far! only level 10, but it seems like a wonderful waste of time! It’s a little tough to see some things properly because the fonts are small and there’s a LOT crammed into each screen. The brightness of the game is also a little dark, generally speaking, which also makes reading things tough sometimes.

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I want to give this game a high rating, but it’s UI feels a bit clunky sometimes and the optimization seems not so great, my phone runs extremely hot to the point even Bluestacks emulator has stutters sometimes. If performance optimizations can be put in place and the UI to feel more natural, I’d give it 5 stars. Edit: Seems to be crashing randomly since update few days ago.

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gameplay is okay. however, I have some feedback: 1. the watch ads rewards are sucks. 2. skip ads price is expensive and only valid for 1 month. 3. very difficult to get good equipment. I don’t think the developer will take my feedback seriously and improve, so better uninstall it and move on.

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Game freezes every 30-45 seconds on my Pixel 6, even on ‘low spec mode’. Doesn’t crash but makes some content unbearable and slows my farming time as each freeze takes 3-5 seconds to recover from. Only game I’ve ever had an issue with and I play many of this genre. Optimization issue that needs addressed. There’s also no North America region. Don’t know if the devs are aware but NA doesn’t associate with EU in gaming. It’s more of a rivalry, so giving the NA EU as a region insults both regions.

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A very good idle game that can be interacted with itself! Fresh perspective on the genre, just has some early kinks to work out like a cluttered UI, but it is new so they have plenty of time to work on this.

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The game it’s not balanced at all. The whole game it’s based on if you get Preparation skill on a gotcha game that it’s super low percentage (like 1% or less) to get the skill. If you don’t get you’re stuck. The game has potential to be good, but unfortunately the game is made to drain all your money, and your still not going to have what you need.

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Looks great on store, unable to start it up past the splash screen. I didn’t want your first review to be a 1 star so I’ll give it 4 until the problem is sorted. Error comes up as NHN appguard error 102.21.0. phone is a OnePlus 9 pro and is not rooted. EDIT resolved after I removed a programming app on my phone that has hex editing in it. Constr

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