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Aqara HomeAqara Home is an app for smart home automation and control.

With Aqara Home, you can:
1. control Aqara accessories anywhere and anytime where there is Internet access;
2. create homes and rooms and assign accessories to the rooms;
3. control your Aqara accessories and check the status of connected appliances. For example:
adjust the brightness of lights and check the power consumption of home appliances;
monitor the temperature, humidity and air pressure;
detect water leak, and human movement.
4. create Automations to automate your home. For example:
set a timer to turn on or off an appliance connected to a smart plug;
use a Door and Window Sensor to trigger lights: turn on lights automatically when the door opens.
5. create Scenes to control multiple accessories. For example, add a Scene to turn on multiple lights and fans;
Aqara Home app supports following Aqara accessories: Aqara Hub, Smart Plug, Wireless Remote Switch, LED Light Bulb, Door and Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Vibration Sensor, and Water Leak Sensor. This is not a complete list. Please see for more details.

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Aqara Home user reviews :

Everything seems to work really well, the one thing I’d like to see ( if it would be possible in an update ) would be the ability to turn the motion sensors ( original and the new thread/matter versions ) on/off during certain times of the day. That way my dog isn’t triggering them throughout the night when I’m not home.

Door lock only. The fingerprint won’t work. It shows as recorded. I can lock and unlock remotely. System shows It’s up to date. I’ve reset it. I changed the batteries. I haven’t been able to bind it. It was working for a while. Not bound. Aarrgh!

On the latest version the app is no longer showing up to date values on the board :/ Even swipe down to refresh does nothing, the only solution is to force stop the app and open again to see latest values. Please fix, this is not an acceptable workaround.

The app is good but more so the problems with devices going offline randomly. There is always that one sensor that just goes offline and to bring it back online I have to press quickly the button on the sensor till I hear the m2 hub say “normal link confirmed.” I have 2 m2 hubs and a hub e1 to prevent any dead zones with all devices having strong signal. As for matter integration, it works well with Google Home. I wish the TVOC worked in Google home and Alexa.

Doorbell worked for the first month or two before it started having connection issues, deleted it from the app to try and fix it after it hadn’t recorded for 3 days, now I can’t reconnect it at all. I’m returning it under warranty but I’m not sure if it’s the doorbell that’s faulty or the app, so I’ll be exchanging it for a different brand.

The FP2 fails to detect me lying on the sofa for more than 5 minutes, causing the standing fan switch to turn off. I must get up every now and then to trigger the FP2. Instead of improving, each software update seems to downgrade the FP2’s performance. Soon, motion sensors will likely become the preferred option.

  • It seems you’ve tried basic troubleshooting for your FP2’s blue flashing light. Let’s try this: Ensure your device is within range of the hub and check if other devices are connecting properly. If the issue persists, please email support[at] for further assistance.

The app is ok but not great. My biggest complaint is that sometimes a device loses connection for no apparent reason but there is no notification from the app. In one case a thermostat simply disappeared from the dashboard, also with no warning and nothing visible in the logs.

Push notifications are not showing up for G4 smart door bell. No notification when bell rang. Tried reaching ur support over Facebook but no answer so far. Any help here is appreciated

The app was mostly working fine. But now it says ‘app has stopped working’ and closes itself every time I try to open it. I’ve tried fixing it by restarting my phone & reinstalling the app, but it still won’t work. Can someone fix this please?

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