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[Game] Merge 2 Survive – Zombie

Merge 2 SurviveStep into a world where everything’s changed – zombies everywhere, and surviving is your only goal. ‘Merge 2 Survive’ isn’t just any game. It’s an epic journey where strategic thinking meets puzzle-solving excitement.

Meet Mia, brave and unstoppable, on a mission to find out what happened to her dad in a city swallowed by the apocalypse. Get ready to wade into zombie-infested war zones, remnants of a world that once buzzed with life. Every merge you make isn’t just a move; it’s a pivotal moment in Mia’s story. You’re crafting weapons, putting together defenses, and bringing people together to hold off the relentless undead.

This destroyed city’s waiting for you to explore it. Unravel its secrets, track down the clues, and maybe you’ll find what happened to Mia’s father. But remember, ‘Merge 2 Survive’ isn’t just about combining stuff. It’s about forging a path in a world where order’s been flipped upside down. Show off your strategic chops by mixing and matching vital resources, ensuring your allies don’t just survive – they thrive.


Merge & Craft: It’s all about mixing and matching here. Find items and combine them to create weapons, defenses, and anything else you need to stand strong against a sea of zombies.

Strategic Gameplay: Every choice counts. Hone your strategic skills to outwit the challenges that lie ahead on your journey.

Epic Exploration: Immerse yourself in a city that’s seen better days. Explore every nook and cranny, and uncover the mysteries of a world overrun by zombies.

Survivor’s Saga: It’s up to you to gather survivors, rebuild what’s been lost, and lead the charge against the undead. In a world plunged into darkness, you’re the light of hope.

Ready for an adventure that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat? Merge, scout, and battle your way to shine a light in a world taken over by zombies. In ‘Merge 2 Survive’, it’s all about what it truly means to survive. Step into Mia’s shoes and face the challenges head-on! Every merge you make is a stride towards hope, every fight a test of your determination. The fight against the undead is here. So, are you up for it?

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Merge 2 Survive user reviews :

It’s a pretty fun game. The ads aren’t too bad, and mostly optional. However I’m docking it points because of a dual layered energy mechanic. You have both global energy AND your item generators have a limit. Both can be refreshed with ads or currency, but it’s frustrating having plenty of energy only for your generators to all be on cool downs. I want to play for more than a minute or two at a time.

Very solid version of this game genre, graphics are so good, icons are the bests I’ve seen till now in these games, nice story that makes you continue playing. Edit: the story has finished for now, very looking forward for an update regarding to it. Also I would like to propose the possibility of removing the add by paying, only once a time if possible, I wouldn’t pay a subscription honestly. Finally thanks for this game!

  • Hi, We’ve forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!

So far seems like a fun quality merge game. The starting gifts are generous and I absolutely love the ability to choose upgrade designs. A few nitpicking suggestions – why can’t I use the same floor and wall styles between rooms, the mismatch is slightly annoying. And the main board design does not pop as well as medieval merge. One suggestion would be to replace the bottom description with just an icon, because now it feels like constant banner ad. *1 star if this stops Medieval development

I like the game a lot. Great story lines. You can make great progress, do wish the items scale with your level. In the beginning it moves fast, but slows down in Day 3, at this rate I may quit by Day 5, since it’ll take too long to complete quests.

Good merge game, fairly good story and art. Love the customizable decor like fashion games. However, a huge complaint for me is generator cooldowns take way too long, waiting around two to three hours for my campfire to reset with no more ad watching reset options on it. Maybe shorten the generator cooldowns and possibly show the cooldown timers would be nice and then I could put a fair five star on this.

  • Thank you for your suggestions. We will recommend them to the devs.

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