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Aquarium LandWelcome to Aquarium Land, one of the best sea world fish games you’ll ever play!!

Are you a good scuba diver ? Always had curiosity for aquariums and fishbowls? Diving for fish is Fun! Go fish in the sea, catch tiny fish species like goldfish, starfish, pink dolphin, koi fish, crawfish and add them in your fish tank to expand your aquarium mini mart and attract more visitors and buyers to your fish io market! Use your scuba diver fishbrain to enter the fishdom sea, find the best fish io spots for fishing in your favorite tanked aquarium game!

Discover new mystery while diving in ocean and fishy things in your tanked aquarium game, you can collect them too in your fishbowl, there is a customer for every sea & ocean animal, big fish or tiny fish , pink dolphin or pink whale. All you have to do is fish with attitude & enjoy selling fish to get money!

Invest in your Aquarium Park and explore the sea & ocean world like a real fishy tycoon! The more money you earn, the more upgrades you can get! This fish game is fun and addicting just like my mini mart, circle the fish and tiny fishing, but rich with fishes like goldfish, starfish, pink dolphin, koi fish, crawfish pink whale and many other sea animals living the fishdom fish io life!

Can you find the right fishing spots to catch more fish even when the tides are high? Use your scuba diver fishbrain, think like them and play by fish rules to fill your fisbowl aquarium!

Go fish in the ocean & sea and unlock new fish tanks in you tiny fishing fishbowl aquarium! Fish games will never be so fun if you fish with attitude! Bring your level of finding fishing spots to expert, circle the fish and collect it! This is not a tiny fishing game, you have to put en effort in every fish you bring to the fishbowl you will catch and fish with attitude!

Your visitors want more beautiful aquarium fishbowl fishes like goldfish, starfish, dolphin, koi fish and more tiny fish species, and you are the one that should get them in your fishbowl aquarium and fish tank, swim carefully even when the tides are high, and directly sell fish in your mini mart! Selling more gives more money to expand your aquarium fishbowl! Act like a real fish tycoon in his own tanked aquarium game and use the money from the fishes to buy more aquariums for the sea world fishdom. Games with fish rules!

Can you be the best fishbowl tycoon, let the tides lead you and rule your tile aquarium? Sounds fishy?!

Play Aquarium Land now and fill your fishbowl!

Aquarium Land user reviews :

Would Be A Great, Fun, & Mindless Game… But It’s All ADS ADS ADS & ADS. I understand it’s a free game and I’m all for watching some ads to keep free gameplay but in this game, like sooo many others nowadays, the ads make the game unbearable to play.

Game itself isn’t bad at all but it’s unplayable due to constant disruption with ads. Sometimes even every 20 seconds. In the end you almost spend more time watching forced ads than you play game. Quite stupid concept. And also, being forced to watch an ad even before you can watch an ad to get rewarded?!? Big no-no.

This game is fairly basic. Swim around. Highlight a fish long enough to capture it. Stick it in a fish bowl. Sell fish, Buy new fishbowls. Easy peasy. Except the adds run every 20 to 30 seconds. Not like most games where you choose to watch an ad and get something in return. Instead its timed. Its so frustrating…. Otherwise this game would be fairly fun. But this really sucks!

The game is fun overall but will stop playing due to ads. I even tried to use the VIP free trial, they want you to pay $20 a month so that you still have to watch ads to do any task in the game! Still need ads to get a cashier for only 3 mins, workers, collect diamonds, extra fish, upgrades, etc.. I don’t know how they’d expect anyone to pay for that if they’re paying for “no ads” then there shld be NO ADS. I could see some ads on regular version but the amount is excessive !

Neat game, starting to enjoy the tycoon type games more & more, but I do wish it had controller/backbone compatibility, and way too many ads, I’m cool having to watch them for bonuses, and whatnot, but trying to play the game with so many ads makes it super laggy, and difficult to maneuver, hence making it a bit on the irritating side.

I am addicted and love thos game. Even the excessive ads did not stop me from binging level 9 like my life depended on it. I mean it was taking longer because level 10 must be spectacular right?!?! Nope! To my disappointment, I seem to have finished it. Please give me more levels!!! Lol

The game itself is great. But so many ads! Even if you pay to remove them, all of the ingame content, except for collecting the fish and selling them, requires that you watch an ad. Given that I just paid for the starter bundle mostly to get rid of ads, it’s very disappointing. That payment just took away the random pop-up ads, but not all the others. And there are just so many of them!

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