Queen Crown – Take you back to the golden age of Britain

[Game] Queen Crown

Queen CrownOnce a noble princess, now a royal prisoner.

Which path will you take with the fate of the crown in your hands?

The new love dress-up game, “Queen’s Crown” will take you back to the golden age of Britain, where you will embody a wronged princess who must resolve the growing chaos and unify a divided kingdom.

Become the legendary “Glorious Queen” and face the crisis strategically with the help of your loyal partners.
Meet charming confidants and start unique romantic journeys with them.
Match and wear exquisite Renaissance fashion that will highlight your beauty and majesty in different occasions.
Experience the luxurious and extravagant life of royalty.

Are you ready for an intriguing adventure full of romance and fantasy?
Here we go!

Game Features

Legendary Plot
Make decisions that will define the fate of the crown!

Romantic Stories
Meet handsome noble dukes and heroic knights. Who will be the one?

Exquisite Outfits
Choose from hundreds of luxurious outfits and sumptuous jewelry that will enhance your beauty!

Loyal Partners
Make friends with historical figures to defeat your enemies and achieve glory!

Build alliances with other players to repel opposing forces!

Raise Godchildren
Raise godchildren with your confidants and marry them to gain allies and increase your authority!

Now, put on the crown and embark on this romance-filled adventure, and write your own queen story.

Queen Crown user reviews :

The game is quite great, and the story is all about the Tudor’s sisters; there are similarities. However, the game always loading and stopping, that I needed to exit and open it again, which in turn became irritating if still continues. I suggest to optimize the game as this is new and adding new events only loaded the data, and it crashes. Optimization, & fix bugs is the thing I strongly recommend.

  • Hi, sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing some crash issues. Please contact us at cs[at]modo.com.sg and share as much information as you can. We will definitely investigate your case. Thank you for posting!

Love this game. It is so addictive but I wish content and more variety of challenges would be added. You are basing this game on a medieval British monarchy and there are so many challenges that could be developed from this theme alone. Looking forward to seeing what new concepts the development team comes up with… hopefully soon

  • Dear player, thank you for your feedback. Your feedback and suggestion will be sent to the relevant department for their consideration. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to contact us via in-game Customer Service. We’ll keep on optimizing the game

I previously wrote about the game’s main plot being religion-based (which is a concern rather than a compliment). Now, I’d like to add something about the “Royal Wardrobe”. I’m not sure about anyone else, but it’s very unfair to me, for it always gives me either “Night Rosa” or “Pure White Lace” tops, or “Simplicity” bottoms. It’s been so long since I got something rare out of it, so I hope it can be fixed later on.

  • Dear You Majesty. Thank you for being so supportive of Queen’s Crown. We have received your suggestion and passed it on to the relevant departments. Our game is currently being optimized, and we hope to bring you a better gaming experience in the future! Thanks for your feedback. have a nice day!

May I ask if this game really need a high Wi-Fi speed??? Because when I play this game I need to be really close to our WiFi. Bro if you don’t know that our Wi-Fi is just damn beside me and this game still keeps loading and loading. like bro the Wi-Fi is just BESIDE me but the game is still loading! And lemme add some SUDJESTION if can you add new face features of the CHILDREN in this game because they all literally have the same faces every time and that makes me disappointed and unsatisfied.

  • We are sorry to see you are having problems! The performance of the game is a priority for us and something we will continue to optimize.

Well as modo game it is almost same as lop or starry love but it has oriental fashion actually.. The gameplay is a bit difference than other 2 games. U will get many options but unfortunately there is not many server may be because it’s new. And i need asian server as the time zone is quite opposite of mine

So far I am enjoying it. Never played a game like this before. Its fairly relaxing, entertaining. So far so good. Hope it doesn’t go like So many others and become impossible to play as you get stronger. Looking forward to seeing what updates there are. Also, what do you do with the wool for upgrading clothes?

  • Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a 5-star rating! The wool can be used to upgrade certain clothes and increase Authority! If you have any more questions related about the gaming, please, follow our official Facebook and join our official group, link: www.facebook.com/Queens-Crown-103779539083140

Best game I’ve ever played. Fantastic! Amazing variety of tasks, mini games, competitions. The graphics are awesome and it’s just a wonderful game to play. Thank you to the developers!

  • Thanks so much for the awesome review. Please tell your friends about the game and what they are missing out on

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