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My CruiseThis is a cruise ship that will sail around the world!

From a few ordinary cabins to luxury cabins with everything you need, from boring passenger transport to well-equipped dream luxury cruise ships, from empty to crowded to a hard-to-get ticket, from scratch.

This is a dream luxury cruise built by you!

Here you will meet guests from all over the world, from different places, with different professions, different hobbies and needs. Upgrade and perfect your cruise ship, provide them with the best service, open their dream vacation and boost your reputation. This is a bustling city on the move!

Here you can build and upgrade more than just the cabin, entertainment items, dining and fun is naturally essential! Movie theaters, restaurants, juice bars and most importantly, toilets! A wide variety of facilities, all up to your choice!

Make your super big cruise ship an eye-opener for guests! It’s a fantasy mall at sea!
Here you can go to different places, some of which are similar and some of which are very different. Your guests get the chance to disembark, your cruise ship gets the chance to attract new guests, and the world’s conversation takes place on your cruise ship!

The cruise ship is about to set sail, so come and join in!

My Cruise user reviews :

This game will make you addicted, it’s almost perfect but I’m looking for more, first improve more on your game graphics, then the reward on the task is too little you should add more, then a better navigation on the app will help specially when you’re looking for new passengers. I love to stay on the game and you will have a good cruise if you have good tactics on it.

  • Hello, dear. If you like our game, can you support us a little bit? Your affirmation is our greatest motivation. Wish you have a wonderful day!

I do like the idea of the game, but there is so much it’s lacking. There are so many long ads and way too many! Graphics aren’t that great. Cruise ships have so much more to offer in real life. Been trying to switch a 3 star person from an economy to business and can’t do that. Why do the 2-3 star passengers never leave the ship?? Needs much improvement.

  • Thank you for participating in our beta test! We have received your feedback and you can join our Discord community at to provide more information and communicate with us further.

The game is ok, would be much more enjoyable is there was an ad pass and there was a quicker way to increase income, the cost of upgrades are huge but you don’t earn enough to pay for them forcing you to watch ad after ad. Currently sick of ads and it’s forcing me to lose interest pretty fast so probably won’t play past level 20. Solutions to these 2 issues would really improve the game

  • Dear player, thank you for your support. With your support, we will continue to optimize the game and strive to bring players a better gaming experience. Have fun in the game!

Lots of fun! Watching ads helps with getting money or upgrades, which I don’t mind. I just started, but I can’t wait to keep building the different areas of the ship and ports we get to. Looking forward to it. Scavenger hunts are fun too, like a where’s Waldo thing. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this game too if you like the above mentioned like me.

  • Words fail to express our gratitude. Your opinions and feedback will contribute a lot to the future game. Have a good day! If you have more suggestions and ideas, you can join our Discord community at to communicate with us.

Fun, addictive but boring too. Keep seeing the same passengers & same one-and-only tycoon (so boring!!!). Income & fuel should continue to accumulate when game is off. Too few destinations to explore and sailing time is too short. Fuel required for sailing should be based on docking port to destination port. Need more items and time for scavenger hunt. Upgrading is too expensive on higher decks and doesn’t match the income/profit. Fewer ads would be great.

  • Your assistance is sincerely appreciated. Thank you for being willing to share your feedback with us. They are of great importance to us. Enjoy the game! If you have more suggestions and ideas, you can join our Discord community at to communicate with us.

Discovered the game a couple of days ago. The game is pretty simple, so simple an elementary school kid could likely advance and max out their cruise ship in a week or two of game play. I like that the game doesn’t force you to watch an advertisement after every upgrade, level up, or every 60 seconds like most of these simple games.

  • We are really appreciative of your comment. It will be taken into consideration when we develop the new version of the game. Have an awesome day!

So, I discovered this game in pre-release and immediately enjoyed it. Now having reinstalled it on full release I still love it. However I have 1 big gripe which has stopped the coveted 5th star: Having to use diamonds/gems to collect takings after a voyage. That’s a no-no. Should be just able to collect or watch ad is ok. Fine for fuel etc though. One other small thing is the deck manager only collects from the cabins and not the shops etc. But don’t mind too much. Great game though.

  • Words fail to express our gratitude. Your opinions and feedback will contribute a lot to the future game. Have a good day! If you have more suggestions and ideas, you can join our Discord community at to communicate with us.

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