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[Game] Arcana Famiglia Collezione

Arcana Famiglia Collezione  We’ll recommend you, if you…

Like 「Arcana・Famiglia」
Like 「Arcana・Famiglia Collezione」
Interest in romance game or otome(girls’) game
Like the shojo(girls’) comics and animation
Like the fantasy world
Like the European world like Italy
Want to read a story with some jests
Want to read the sweet words which make your heart beating fast
Enjoy to read the dialogue between the characters
Like the Italian gentle man
Are looking for a casual, romantic novel game


The main character, Canna (name can be changed), comes to the Regalo Island where is now a popular tour spot. The style of buildings, the smell of the wind, the sunny and always can keep relaxing residents are all different from her hometown-Giappone. Cana is attracted by Regalo Island little by little.

One day,
Mondo, who is on the top of the private organization 『Arcana・Famiglia』, will choose a new executive candidate for new cellier. Even Cana has rejected to be the candidate, a proposal was made from Mondo. He wanted her to participate La Primavela, and to know more about Regalo Island…….

This is a charming love story (Piccola Amore), through the spring festival La Primavela


Danilo (Clerk of Restorante)
Very open and clear. Love girls, and often approach them automatically but always not go well.
He is pretty proud to work in restorante, dreaming to have his own store in the future.

Fazio (Clerk of Bar)
Always calm and steady, has many fans privately.
He is very familiar with alcohol, from wine to other different ones. Has the talent for knowing others’ favorite from one glass of wine.
Although the knowledge about alcohol he has is much more than others……

Onofrio (Cat(Bedi)’s owner)
Love all kinds of cats. Always be together with his cherished cat Bedi.
He also tricks others in his own way like a cat, but once you are admitted by him, you might see his kindness.
His private life is a puzzle.

Oliver (Flower vendor)
Admire women with describing them as the flowers, a modest person.
Sometimes he sold flowers with nauseating words.
Zita, who is also a flower vendor, is his rival.
There’s somehow kind of competitive atmosphere between them.


All the characters have 10 episodes and 2 ending episodes. The prologue and the first episode are free.

While the story keeps progressing, the choices will be shown. According to the choice you picked, the impression of the character toward you will be better. Let’s keep raising the good impression and step to the Happy Ending!

The basic information

Free download (Some parts of scenario need to be purchased.)
Memories needed: at least 150MB

About the supportive company

About Hunex Company,
we are with the spirit of 「Bring the dream, emotion and bravery to more people.」 and have created many kinds of social games until now. We now try our best to make good use of our knowledge and skills to produce the mobile app games with high quality.

The best-known work
‧ アルカナ・ファミリア(Arcana・Famiglia)
‧ ぺろぺろ男子(Peropero Boys)

Arcana Famiglia Collezione user reviews :

Absolutely loved this game! It’s honestly so well done for a fan game. My favorite route was Fazios! The romantic ending was SO cute but I feel like the normal ending was more realistic. Fazio in the romantic ending was just so honest with he’s feelings and that moved something in me. Thanks for creating a good game!

It’s a great game with beautiful graphics only problem is you need to pay for more chapters and I’m sorry but I refuse to pay to play a game

GREAT OTOGE!!! Great story. The artstyle is different and unique but I still love it! Favorite route would be Fazio for me. He’s such a gentleman and the story made me tear a bit. Onofrio’s route was really cute too!

Every mobile otome game should have these same dynamics.

It was awesome if you pick orfano (sorry don’t know how to spelling) it was definitely worth waiting I wish there is Season 2

This is the best Otome game that I have played!! Thank you very much for doing this game,it is perfect!! Best game ever

I LOVE IT hope you can create another games like thiss

Wow i’m single and i fill my emptiness with this game, awesome

This game is great for playing games and playing games is fun

Yess thanks for adding lovers part!!! I love your games but only ephemeral, share house, and this one. Yea you should make another gamess like thisss

The stories were nice, but some of the points can get confusing, as the game assumes you know a fair bit about the Arcana Famiglia. Great art as well, although Onofrio’s face bugs me for some reason lol. Translation was a little rough, and typos/misspellings sometimes makes the dialogue unintentionally funny. For me, Danilo is best boy, followed by Oliver, although I feel his route could’ve been better if the drama didn’t start until a bit later into his story. The MC was fine, but the drama in Oliver’s route slightly put me off her. Will probably get around to reading through the Lovers parts some other time.

I’m a fan of Arcana Famiglia and Regalo so I guess I also like this game due to nostalgic feelings. I bought all routes. I like Danilo the best as a character but I didn’t regret checking out the other guys as well. It was short but sweet. Don’t expect too much story-wise. The CGs were all very cute and the characters adorable. I also like the supporting cast. <3 Each route left me with a sense of satisfaction. Please DO try to check your games for typos and spelling mistakes. I think one time the text mentioned the wrong character, too. There are quite a lot of mistakes in comparison to the amount of text. They do stand out.

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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