Puppy Rangers – Help everybody

[Game] Puppy Rangers – Rescue Patrol

Puppy Rangers   Earthquake in mountains has blocked roads or snow avalanche is coming?

Flood has drown the settlement or volcano is awaken? Call urgently 911 or in the Puppy Rescue Patrol Center! Whenever something bad happens, Puppy Rescue Patrol is ready to help everybody! Only one call and Puppy Rescue Patrol goes with their balloon to evacuate injured from a disaster area and to fight with a natural disaster. Today exciting missions, air races and interesting puzzles are waiting for us! This is a new kids arcade especially created for boys and girls. Puppy Rescue Patrol invites you to the commanding center to go for unforgettable adventure. This is our job to save and help everybody!

Educational games for boys and girls are always interesting and very useful. Play with favorite characters, win exciting missions, fight a fire, save injured and help them. Doing these tasks is much more interesting than watching a cartoon. New arcade consists of races, reaction games, kids puzzles and other entertaining and educational elements. Unbelievable machines and mechanisms, which our rescuers can use, make the imagination of a kid better, and usage of these machines in practice develops speed of movements and logical thinking. Puppy Rescue Patrol is an interactive cartoon, the story of which you create by yourself. And remember, if you need to fight a fire, freeze a volcano or evacuate injured – call urgently 911 or in Puppy Rescue Patrol! Our brave rescuers are always ready to help.

This novelty, as well as all our games for boys and girls, are absolutely for free. Are you ready for new adventures? Than our rescuers are going to set off with a balloon! And you are going to be with them! Stay with us, stay tuned and have a lot of positive emotions, playing with us our free educational games.

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Puppy Rangers user reviews :

The game is nice but the ad is too much and breaking of the ice is hard

I like everything in the game but the rocks smashing one is really hard and it took so much time to do it but the game is so easy and it is giving ads to get the vehicle helicopter and the game is so easy to do.
  • Puppy Kids Games
  • Thank you for your feedback! We are pleased that you like our game.
decent game play i understand the need for popups to make it free to the public but too many for my almost 4 year old to play and not click something by accident. i also understand the voice over it’s hard as an adult especially an adult male to have a child like voice for a game but it is a bit off setting my son didn’t mind it though. i deleted mainly cause of too many popups for how old my son is to play on his own. i love playing with him but sometimes i need to do chores while he plays.
  • Puppy Kids Games
  • Thank you for your comment. If your kid liked the game, you can turn off the ads for a small fee.
Way to many adds for 3 year olds to handle.. long drawn out ads to that last 30 sec to a min between each session of game play. The adds last longer than the game play. My son was getting impatient.
  • Puppy Kids Games
  • Thank you for your comment. What should we do to make the game better? It is very important for us to communicate with our users.
This games is do cute my 3 year old brother is learning so much everyone and every day when he’s on the phone he will never stop playing this game its just wowww thank you keep it up “)
  • Puppy Kids Games
  • Thank you for your feedback. We are very happy when we receive positive comments from our users.
Excellent work. My nephew likes this game a lot. Please add more level in this game.
  • Puppy Kids Games
  • Thank you for your feedback! We are pleased that you like our game.

This is one of my favourite game. It is so nice but little ads are coming.

it is nice game I like it to play it is nice game I like it to play in this many things are there I want it just helicopter how I will buy money I know

I like the paw patrol cartoon and rescue is my favourite part thats why I like this game

My daughter .. she likes to play this game and it makes her so much fun and enjoy .. but my concen is the ads its always pop up

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