Arcane Arts Academy 2 – Discover the secrets of the Chaos Extremists

[Game] Arcane Arts Academy 2

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Arcane Arts Academy, an exclusive school for magically gifted students, opens its doors for the new academic year!

In the hands of Vertigo Tinley, the new rector, this year appears to be going smooth, but will it be? Dominic, the new prefect, has no intention to make Erika’s life any easier.
The Academy has to be rebuilt as a result of the events of the previous year. Who will turn out to be the mysterious sponsor – Aiden Graves? Will Erika’s heart be torn open by the unexpected encounter that reopens old wounds?
On the other hand, Markov is determined to discover the secrets of the Chaos Extremists. Can the danger they face affect the relationship between him and Siren and the fate of their little son?
Help Erika and her friends overcome the new challenges!


Join Erica in the next academic year.
Experience a Time Management game in an unforgettable magical setting.
Enjoy gorgeous artistically-rendered environments perfectly suited for mobile devices.
Play 60 engaging levels offering hours of unique gameplay.
Watch 120 beautiful story-driven cutscenes (including a unique intro and outro for every level).
Spend diamonds to decorate the students common room.
Immerse yourself in the magic with an enchanting atmospheric soundtrack.

In Arcane Arts Academy, you will be tasked with helping Erika in her various magic classes. Grab items and combine ingredients into wonderful new creations and spells. But be warned—everyone has limited patience, including teachers and students! Manage your time and actions well to earn rewards. Perform well to receive stars from your classmates and diamonds to decorate the students common room.

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Arcane Arts Academy 2 user reviews :

Good game but it keeps crashing right in the middle of levels and customer support is not helpful. They give the option to uninstall then reinstall, losing all my progress that I’ve worked hard for throughout all the crashes! Come on GameHouse! A game developer as big as you are, charging me every month for a subscription to play your games, should be able to figure out how to give your customers the ability to restore their progress, even if it’s just through linking to a Facebook account.

  • Thank you for your review. Are you having trouble with the game? Send us a message from within the game or send an email to ghos[at] and we can help you resolve it.

For someone unable to currently work (cancer) and can’t afford a lot, I really appreciate being able to watch a 30 second add per level to play (more than that is too excessive and a sure way to get people not playing/paying). I really enjoyed the story as well. I was sad to see it end. My only suggestion would be maybe give us a few more ‘areas’ to play (would have been cool to see/play as William while he was away, e.g.) and/or some more levels. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  • Thank you for your feedback! We’ll take it into consideration when making improvements to the game.

Great graphics and storyline is ok so far, However the glitching and lag are a pain in the… To put the wand together it lags so bad that the timer goes down in less than 3 secs while dragging the pieces in place it lags b4 even moving a piece, yet the timer doesn’t lag at all, so 2 stars from me until this is fixed and or updated, because the story line also lags

3 because I think GH really really REALLY needs 2 hire someone who can actually write, not just spk, English. As usual misplaced words, incorrect use of caps, etc. In my opinion it is still an insult (albeit 90% less) 2 the actual developers (Polish?). HOWEVER, a good addition, story (if the English version is correct), and overall play. It’s a buy 4 me – wld like a corrected readable version, please. Wld give 4.5-5 depending on errors. Far more QA please. Reply 2 yr response: que? 1st 3 lines!

  • Thank you for your review. Are you having trouble with the game? Send us a message from within the game or send an email to ghos[at] and we can help you resolve it.

Addictive but glitches, every 10 mins or so will get to the end of the level and the app shuts down. Had to lower my rating, can’t get with these crashes in middle of level or at end and I have to replay level to make sure don’t miss any of the story.

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