Archer Forest – Explore a wide variety of continents

[Game] Archer Forest – Idle Defense

Archer ForestBecome an ally of the Archers and protect the Forest!

Enormous Stage
Clear stages and explore a wide variety of continents!

Easy to Control
All you need to do to is tap the screen and merge two arrows!

Speedy Growth
Upgrade to a better and more powerful arrow! You can be the best!

Endless Contents
Earn tons of items through Boss Fight!

Cute Animal Heroes
Collect unique heroes with various abilities!

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Archer Forest user reviews :

Riddled with ads. I purchased the $7 ad blocking feature and didn’t receive it. I reached out to the developer, and have not gotten a responsse. Edit: Finally got a response after almost a year. The only thing they would do is reactivate it in the game instead of refunding me. I have long since abandoned the game and refused to spend money considering I pay for something I didn’t receive for almost a year’s time.

  • Hello, this is gameduo. Unfortunately, we are unable to answer questions about gameplay here. Please contact us using the e-mail listed below and we will provide assistance as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding. Contact Info: archer[at]

The game loads in so slow and I can’t use another app and come back quickly. I have to close the game and wait for it to load again. It takes minutes to accept my daily reward and then takes minutes to get into my mail and accept it. Why not just accept it from the screen or have it auto go to your mail box if you log in? I like how I have been able to get a bunch of things without spending money and I’ve almost bought the ad blocker a couple of times but I can’t justify it with the load times.

  • Hello, this is gameduo. We apologize for the inconvenience in playing our game. It is difficult for us to give you a detailed solution through reviews with issues on running the game. Please give us an inquiry via the official email below. We will promptly assist you after checking your inquiry.  Official email: archer[at]

Do not recommend downloading. If you do, do not make any purchases. Had to buy ad blocker pack twice before I got the ad blocker. Tried contacting them after first purchase and never got a response, refund, or fix to the issue. Bought it the second time just to see if id get it then and did. Then I updated today and game crashes as soon as it finishes loading.

  • Hello, this is gameduo. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, we are unable to answer questions regarding payments in detail here. Please e-mail us using the contact info below and we will provide assistance as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding. Contact Info: archer[at]

Initially fun and able to progress but at a certain point it basically becomes paywalled. I’ve probably spent at least $50 overall on this including the removing ads and daily rewards (VIP at level 2 of 9 and level 3 is $35!) and am basically at a point where trying to acquire the primary currency for advancement (black diamonds) is impossible without paying, then if you do have them there is a 75% chance to lose them. It shouldn’t be a gamble when using a premium currency!

I love this game through and through. Been hooked for several days now without a stop. Have experience a bug though where you watch an advertisement for extra items and after the ad the screen goes black and you have to restart the game without your rewards. Other than that a very fun and enjoyable game if you’re bored! I highly recommend! 4/5 stars due to the bug I encounter in addition to other bugs others encounter as well.

The game is really really fun at first but then the rewards vs cost of upgrades (or any progress) scale is horribly broken around the second set of islands. I almost always buy no-ads and some small packs in games, and have in this one as well, but it should be possible to advance/keep playing without serious money spending. Some key mechanics are completely unobtainable without spending hefty money. Hard to stick with a game that feels impossible when you’re not made of money.

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