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[Game] Tofu Survivor – Fight Now

Tofu SurvivorStep into an apocalyptic alternate world where brave girls face unprecedented magical threats.

Transforming into mystic warriors wielding vast magical powers, they embark on thrilling quests fighting monstrous creatures.

In this tofu survivor- fight now game, you are such a heroes. Wield assorted magical weapons, execute unique skills, and battle against ferocious magical beings. Forge alliances with other warriors, form strong teams, conquer various missions and challenges.

1. 3D animation for a stunning visual experience.
2. Over 100 unique skills for strategic monster extermination.
3. Choose from multiple girls, each with their unique skills to build your ultimate team.
4. Pets help you fight and automatically hang up.
5. Develop your talents, get bonuses, and unlock new abilities.
6. Enjoy daily login rewards and compete with players worldwide on leaderboards.
7. Maximize game resource in the mystic beasts.
8. Strategically assemble your combat lineup, unleash dazzling skills, and effectively counter enemy attacks.

Accept diverse challenges, pave the survival path, and explore endless skill combinations!
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Tofu Survivor user reviews :

This is just like any other survivor type game, you kill enemies and get new skills, and rinse and repeat. The graphics are meh as due to it being AI generated, there are a lot of inconsistencies with the character designs and just overall jankiness, but the 3d models are genuinely quite good. The game has a lot of potential, so I do hope you’ll consider hiring an artist when you’re able to.

  • Thank you for your support. We are also continuously optimizing art and will have professional art personnel support our game

While I enjoy this game’s unque style within the genre (most others are literally cookie-cutter), it seems a bit broken in that my character does not take any damage, even when being pounded by a boss. There is no challenge whatsoever and makes the game very boring, as there is no motivation to develop the character. I think that this game has a lot of potential, and hopefully the (lack of) damage issue is a programming glitch.

game feels really really easy, very little challenge. I fell asleep on the 3rd mission and still passed. it’s missing skill combinations like other games, and really evolutions of skilljust damage and color changes. obnoxious amount of “collectables” tabs and menus. armour and gear is 75% based on afk

Fun until it’s not. I quit the second time I started getting 3-shot by lord-knows-what in the mob crowd. No idea how to combat that, and not motivated to figure it out. It was very sudden, and unpleasant. Also got 1-shot by a boss. No clear avenue for counterplay. No complete understanding how stats even interact with different skills and incoming damage. Rather just bail. IO-style NPC PvP arena, as far as I can tell.

The game is fine, just like other games in the rogue-like genre in the store. However, it uses really janky AI art with no real editing to hide the fact it’s AI generated (the hands…) and there’s issues with the translations. Sometimes they don’t work (showing original language), but it feels very MTL when the writing does show in English. It’d be a good game if the art and writing/directions were fixed. Also, adding some extra shading to the actual 3D models would help with the dead fish eyes

  • Thank you for your support. We will optimize this issue

good game, needs grammar/ spelling fixes. also needs a ui in the pause menu that shows you what power-ups youve taken and should be able to tap on them for pop-up info. also also needs ‘claim all’ buttons. make a permanent ad-removal purchase. paying monthly for no ads is ridiculous. remove stamina or increase maximum by quite a bit.

  • Thank you for your support. We will optimize this issue

Alright, I finished chapter 30 (normal mode), so now I can give a proper review. First, unless you have tons of patience, I recommend paying to turn off ads. Second, the game can get guite punishing if you don’t know what you’re doing (I lvld Kohaku to the max and ran her till she dropped). Third, the game is open for more content (extra chapters, new characters, or skins for existing ones, chat/guild feature). All in all, a great game just needs more variety. I’m look forward to your updates.

  • Thank you for your support. We are currently updating the world boss and PVP challenge gameplay. Stay tuned!

I like the game, but is anything being done about how bad the auto aim is? My character will frequently lock on to targets outside their range, and get stuck firing at them because the recoil is keeping them out of range The lock on being well outside the weapon range makes no sense

  • Thank you for your support. Regarding the issue of automatic shooting lock, we will optimize it. Thank you

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