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[Game] Archery – Bow Archero Masters

ArcherIn a world of alien gods, space cops with magic rings and men who can outrace light itself, there’s something impressive about a guy who can hold his own with just a bow and arrow.

“Archer was hiding behind a wall. Monster were firing from everywhere. Many of my fellow friends were already dead and the remaining people were falling in front of my eyes. With each fall Archery Arrow was losing courage.

Then came a time where Archer had to decide whether to go forward and complete the mission given to me by the army to save my fellowmen who were now prisoner of war or to decline the orders and run away. This was the time to decide and Archery hero decided.

Archery Fantasy came forward of that wall, fired furiously and ran towards the monster. This was the time where all the lessons learnt in army are to be forgotten and believe in you. Believe in what you can do, believe in what you deserve and believe in your destiny. ”

This is a short story about how you become a hero. Let ‘s go

Be an Archery Hero: Upgrade unique skills and weapons, Loot for gem and equipment from Rare to Legendary and Hunt huge monsters. You can choose 1 of 4 characters:
Archery Hero
Knight Hero
The Witch
The Magician

Archery Hero will bring you countless unique features:

The first ADDICTIVE Archer game play
Ultimate action experience on mobile.
Adventure through different Arrow games chapters.
Modern weapons, armors, rings, clothes
Beautiful combat styles.
Claim reward daily
Millions of Monsters

Archery Hero is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased by Google payment. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Archery Hero.

A network connection is also required.

Archer user reviews :

the ad-reward system sucks. after watching ad for chest reward, the game just force closes .as for the ad-reward inside stage, sometimes you have to watch ad twice before getting the reward. also you need to reduce the amount of enemies throwing rocks and bombs. OR don’t make them hide behind walls or obstacles. OR give the archer power up that can shoot through walls or obstacles.

Ok this is an Archero rip-off,but it is not all that bad ! Nice graphics, love the cartoony style, essential gameplay is like Archero ,though slightly slower gameplay, there is a delay on firing which can be annoying. Problem is there are not enough green emeralds to proceed and the game unlike Archero does not allow you to watch an ad to proceed in the game when you die. Plus the ads don’t work half the time with the chest rewards. Also not enough weapons. No developer contact !

Giving this game 2 stars for the time being. It’s a fun game however every time I watch an add to open a free chest the game either freezes or it will exit out of the game all together and I still won’t receive or be able to open a chest. I’ve watched probably 18 ad videos now and only 2 times I’ve actually received something out of a chest.

It’s a fun game but the game crashes every time you watch the video for the free chest.and I also got ripped off when I tried to use my gems to buy a boomerang. It happened twice.

Good, but definitely needs ways to get gems cause once you’re stuck it’s impossible. A lot of other games give gems from missions/daily free to at least help.

I made a payment to buy the 14000 gems. However it is not reflecting. Kindly refund this or ensure that the gems reflect in my total. Thank you

For the 2nd time I reach lvl I haven’t reach before and the game throws me out without saving the progress…

Awesome game to pass the time by when bored and easy functions to use.

good game the only problem is annoying ads that’s always appear that what the reason i giving 3 star only

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