Creatur – Compete in the huge PVP arena to hunt

[Game] Creatur – Fun Kooverse Arena is the ultimate .io eating game that you’ll never get bored of!

If you’re into awesome games, you’ll dig!

This epic browser .io game is now available on Google Play! Compete in the huge PVP arena to hunt and devour thousands of fresh players and rise to the top of the leaderboard!

This online multiplayer is a cool game with tons of rivals! Fight your competitors for food, level up and evolve, and munch as much as you can for as long as you can. But watch out, the other players can bite you from behind! Maneuver around the map and eat fruit to grow stronger. The bigger you are, the stronger you’ll be. Zoom around and eat other players to reach your full power.

Level up and transform your creatur with 6 evolutions and over 20 skills to choose from! Rush, slither, dash, fly, and more! Upgrade and unlock 9 creaturs as you go!

This relaxing yet challenging game is fun for everyone! Do you have the skills to get onto the leaderboard? Push to the top in this awesome game. Be the king of the hill on your own or challenge your friends to beat you!

Animal games require skill – do you have what it takes?


Online battle .io PVP that allows you to play with friends
True multiplayer game
Battle in real-time against other people
Eat your way to the top of the leaderboard

Flash game classic with one huge arena
Skill based game with online game play
Browser game still available; compatible with mobile devices
Slither and dash away from opponents

Level up your creatur to unlock many others
Evolve up to six times during gameplay
Upgrade and choose 6 of 22 skills

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Creatur user reviews :

The game is really fun for a while, but I wish that the devs added more abilities.

  • Hi Lionel Vazquez! We will take note of this suggestion and share it with the team. Feel free to share any more feedback so we can improve our game. If you have any ideas in mind, we are more than happy to listen to your suggestions. Please email us at support[at]! Thanks!

Very fun to play game, however, it is quite hard. I would suggest sprint and fly options.

It is a good game nice concept but the movement needs to be improved. If the movement would become sharper it would become a great game. Right now the movement is very hard and you cannot turn or control the animal easily.

Not enough good things for me to try pushing: The control isn’t great. Being smaller should make you move faster, but somehow, even bigger things can catch up to you and eat you. To get around somehow to eat him is a nightmare. And NPC creatures can jump away from you, and are literally uncatchable at low levels.

At first I thought it was impossible, but I persevered and managed to reach the top of the leaderboard. I’ll rate five stars when I can play this in landscape mode on android, it’s too uncomfortable in portrait mode.

There’s no adds that I’ve seen there’s like no leg and it’s over all really fun

This game is a lot of fun and the amount of ads are reasonable but I wish there was more content. More evolutions should be added to make rounds longer. Overall the game is very fun and worth playing. I highly recommend giving it a try.

Very fun gameplay, I also really like how it’s only one server so you’re able to play with your friends. I do hope for more different animals in the future though. But other than that great game, I do recommend you should download.

Extremely delightful game primitive but very aggressive. The only thing the game needs to improve is further customizations and looks for the evolutions when you get so they look cooler. Make dragon sharks monsters with different shapes.

Why I can’t Register, I’m clicking the registration and after that I said that connot log in even though I’m not logging in, why I can’t Register, could you try fixing the problem. I’ll give you 5 star if the bugs are gone and I can register my account. Thank you for reading.

  • Hi Good Luck! Thank you for your feedback. Can you please email us at support[at] with more information on the issue you encountered? We would like to fix it immediately. Thank you!

Absolutely love this game, barely any ads and no lag whatsoever. Movement is great just an amazing game in general

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