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Arclight CityImmerse yourself in the futuristic realm of Arclight City, the ultimate Cyberpunk MMORPG adventure!

Embark on a thrilling journey through a sprawling metropolis teeming with neon-lit streets, clandestine corporations, and an underworld shrouded in mystery. Arclight City combines the allure of retro text-based graphics with captivating modern pixel art, delivering a truly unique visual experience.

Prepare for endless exploration as the dungeon materializes before your eyes, thanks to our procedural generation technology. Every playthrough offers fresh challenges and unexpected encounters, ensuring no two adventures are alike.

Equip yourself with an extensive arsenal of items and equipment, each with awesome pixel art detail. Unleash your inner cyber-warrior and customize your gear to dominate the battlefield.

Form alliances with skilled mercenaries who will fight alongside you, their unique abilities enhancing your tactical prowess. Choose your team wisely and conquer any threat that stands in your way.

Establish your own slice of paradise in Arclight City by purchasing luxurious apartments. Invite friends over for a chat, showcase your prized possessions, and revel in the camaraderie of a vibrant online community.

Rise to power as you create and lead your own gang, competing against players from around the world for control over vital city locations. Strategize, collaborate and dominate to secure your gang’s dominance in this cutthroat cyberpunk universe.

Embrace the future. Dominate the streets. Arclight City awaits you

Arclight City user reviews :

I like the game, but I have two criticisms: The combat system is pretty boring due to a lack of strategy. The skills you get are in a seemingly random order and are very generic. I do like the skill based headshot system, but at night the line is too thin to see it moving when your phone brightness is turned down with the blue light filter active.

There’s potential here, but the monotonous gameplay, terrible balancing, weird equipment system, gacha mechanics, and super aggressive monetization and pay to win nature of the game really holds it back. Edit on 4/1/24: Chat has been added to the game, so socializing is more feasible now, which is nice. A few other small updates and patches have happened. The game still isn’t in a great state, and its gross monetization is still abysmal for an unfinished game, but progress has been made

Loved your last one and this title has improved significantly all of the qualities that made the original so wonderful to play. Keep up the great work! Love the ‘rent’ aspect of the apartments and the mercenary party aspects!

This suffers from the exact same problems as the other game this is a clone of. If you are going to make a game based entirely around text and UI then you better have a really good UI. For example what’s the point of having gear comparison if you are just comparing it with upgrades. The gear with upgrades is always going to be better even if it doesn’t have better base stats. On top of that the game is a slog of either afk farming or running the same boring looking levels over and over.

Fun game marred by sub-optimal mechanics and at least one game breaking bug. The gameplay itself is as good if not better than the previous game. The social aspect seems worse than the previous game. Too many menus to navigate for simple things like crafting, upgrading, and quests. I’m unable to unequip my gear (bug) which will make it impossible for me to progress in later levels, so I am unable to play this game any further.

There are some major steps up from the last game, but also steps down. I like the new gear mechanics and leveling mechanics a lot, however the social side to it has been severely limited. There’s a lot of bugs, but it’s still early in development so I’m assuming they’ll eventually be patched. My main 2 issues are 1) the use of AI in EVERYTHING and 2) the game is very pay to play, unlike the first one, which disappoints me. Ironically, I feel more adverse to paying now versus in cybercode.

The core of the game is good, but it’s pretty rough around the edges. The UI is much clunkier than it needs to be, and it doesn’t really feel like much of an mmo. My main gripe with the game is how much low quality AI generated drivel made it into the game. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely against AI gen content. The art is okay, but much of the text used in dialogue and encounters is clearly just unedited AI output. It reads poorly a lot of the time, which really hurts a text based game.

I played cybercode online and loved the game, I stopped playing it cause I lost a bit of interest but I found this game and it honestly fixed a couple of issues the previous game had. It feels a little more unique and chaotic whilst being simplistic and easy to play which makes it really nice at keeping fresh. Specifically since now you fight multiple enemies at once often. The puzzles don’t really feel challenging enough so they might one improve that. But it’s great over all right now

For what I have played so far (lv.11) I gotta say it is really good. I am really glad that the developer listened to the feedback from the last game. The UI can be a little clearer. The mercenaries are a cool addition to spice up the game and make you want to play more to get better ones. I like the new radar system to find enemies it just looks more interesting than just seeing names. Overall the game is a very good with some minor issues that could be fixed easily

I really love this game! It makes me feel like if a text based rpg, and Cyberpunk and dnd had a kid! I love the layout and everything! As a certified sci-fi lover, this is a game I really like. Keep up the good work and remember to take breaks! (I legit saw this game before while looking for new sci-fi games to test out and at the time I had no space. I looked a few days ago to find this game and I downloaded it. It is such an eye catching game, or atleast to me!)

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