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[Game] Army Men Defense

Army Men DefenseBuild the strongest army, employ effective tactics, defend against the fierce attacks of evil toys and win the toy war.

Evil toy forces have invaded the entire house. The mission of driving out the evil forces and reclaiming our territory falls on your shoulders! The green toy soldiers and the righteous heroes have gathered together, waiting for your command. Players will play the role of the commander of the toy soldiers and embark on a quest to crush the evil toys’ dreadful scheme, protect the home base, rescue the allied forces taken away by the enemy, collect all the resources available for development, and ultimately eliminate the evil force and restore order. Righteousness will reign, and evildoers will be held accountable!


Battle of Toy Soldiers
Experience the thrill of toy warfare through over 20 chapters of story-driven gameplay. Each stage in the game has its own unique gameplay, allowing players to devise the best tactics to defeat the enemy forces according to the characteristics of the battlefield!

Assemble Heroes
Toy heroes to the battlefield! Players can use heroes and their unique skills to tackle the villains head-on, or lead troops to engage in dynamic Open Field battles and fight for victory!

Diversified Hero Combinations
Experience the fight and struggle between toy soldiers with a combination of 180 heroes and over 900 battle formations!

Fight with Allies
Enjoy the game with friends with its rich social system, allowing players to freely create or join alliances and fight together with their allies.

High-Quality Graphics
Experience the Army Men IP with vibrant and creative art designs, featuring heroes, foes, and atmosphere, all presented in stunning, high-quality 3D graphics!

Sandbox Gameplay
Enjoy sandbox gameplay with a high degree of freedom, command your toy troops, compete against tens of thousands of players, and reign victorious on the vast battlefield!

Take command of your toy soldiers and lead them to victory!

Army Men Defense user reviews :

So far, so good. I only just started playing this game & haven’t put it down yet…about 30 minutes in fyi. I’ll definitely keep playing to further my heroes & experience!

why does the application close itself when playing campaign 10-9 after update to the latest version? Please fix it.

  • Sorry for the inconvenience. If you suffer any issues in the game, kindly please contact us through the in-game mail and we will try our best to help you.

This game is awesome it brings back memories of my brother and I out playing toy soldiers but this is way much better because he doesn’t get to cheat lol thanks for a Great Game….

It lags at times in campaign mode and boots me out. When it lags it lags BAD

Great game so far brings back child memories, without the graphics haha

Update a few months back they updated this game into Oblivion, recently they have made some improvements to the game, making me like playing again. If they continue to improve and not make changes that break the game, I will definitely be giving this more stars.

Fun way to kill time. Extremely time gated in an effort to force micro-transactions.

At first glance seems like a good game. However so many microtranactions available make me weary.

Did not like how things changed in the beginning but after taking a break and then coming back, I am actually enjoying the updates and gameplay.

I’m liking the spin on Tower Defense. With the added ability to attack others commands, seems it’ll be good. At issue right now is the high cost of upgrading, needing resources. There is no free/cheap way to get it in the amounts needed, so it’s a challenge to try to find the most efficient way to continue building. This is why only 4 stars.

The drag and drop controls are a nightmare to use. Half the time, while I’m dragging a piece, it cuts out part way through the drag and drops too early. Or if I only need to drag a little ways, it just won’t drag at all. I tried cleaning my screen but that didn’t help and I just turned my phone on again after shutting it down for a few minutes. My network has been cutting out, today. Could that be the problem? Anyway, I’ll give this game another chance some other time.

  • Dear commander, sorry for the bad game experience this game brought to you, do you mean you got trouble operated in the “special operation”? please record a video and send it to tamd-support[at], we will try our best to optimize this part. thank you for your feedback.

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