Command Generals RTS – Are you ready to conquer and lead world war

[Game] Command Generals RTS

Command Generals RTSWelcome back Commanders and Generals are you ready to conquer and lead world war under total domination?

Command, conquer and defeat your enemy on the battle of rts and make the art of war real in this wonderful rts games.
At first you have to select the country you wish to lead and start the trench assault to contain generals 2005. Red alert your base is under impressive attack! Hell march is ready to fabulous beginning.

Build your base battle with other intelligent players online and invent your victorious tactic in this new real time strategy game. Age of strategy in this new expanse of the war planet and gradually victory great battle for the galaxy of the tiberian sun.

Global conflict on the Earth 2140 forced to total annihilation of all nations which is impressive. This destroyed world need a new hero to bring back the generals zero hour. Can you help make Yuri’s revenge successful in this rts games?

PVP multiplayer in real-time combat strategy game
Wage epic art of war on the interactive delight world map.
All actions takes place on a single, enormous map inhabited by players, tanks and warships.

Soldiers waiting for required marvelous command, conquer. They are great for attack or defense KKND. (Knowledge to Keep up Natural Darkcolony.)
prominent kirov airship

Nuclear Missles, Mercenaries, Airstrike, Prominent kirov airship, Tanks, Ballistic missiles, build soldiers in barracks and more…

Command your superb army in real-time strategy and defeat your enemies with the right attack strategy in this RTS game that you will love.

Are you ready to lead world war 2, Supreme Commander?
New conflict after WW2 is beginning now!

Command Generals RTS user reviews :

First: game is different than what is being advertised. Second: the bloody ads are sooooooo annoying. You agree to see an add for a specific reward (chest, gold, cristals or instant repair) and you end up seeing 2 or more (sometimes adds up to 2 minutes, which is ridiculous). Third: game freezes sometimes, annoying if you loose a prize because of that. Forth: enemy units sometimes ignores the penalities from powers: what is the point applying freeze if it has the same speed? Unplayable!

What am I even playing? Judging from the screen shots this should be a command and conquer like game but it’s a hexagonal turn based combat. And of course the god damned tutorial is unskippable. Terrible, misleading, and annoying. It’s just rubbish you have to dig through to get to the good games on play store.

Nothing like the pictures shown above. It is a lame turn based tactical game with upgradable units. Hex cells visible. Unit movement and attack animation non-existent. Personally, playing a basic chess game against an AI is more entertaining than this title…

Pros: the game is pretty solid. Pvp runs smoothly. Different types of tank’s and heroes to choose from. They have 2 modes pvp and an mode were you can fight and gain a bit of gold/diamonds. Cons: As you advance in the game. I’ve noticed they don’t give alot of gold. And the better upgrade the tanks/heroes/skills get. They give you little gold not near even 100 gold. (My prediction is you gonna have to buy diamonds with real money to exchange for gold resources and lots of it and they know it)

Fun to start but then changes… You need to spend to progress after the first day . Not worth the money & takes the fun out of playing . Such a pity as the game play is fun & easy

Perfect! Game is not really rts but it’s amazing guys! Graphic is great, music sounds awesome.. 100% worth download, go for it!

Nice scifi strategy game. The sound and units feels like the old command and conquer series, mainly generals!

I love this game. I have been playing it much lately. I am going for 1st place on the leaderboard ! See you there !

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