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Army TycoonDo you want to build your own military base and rally powerful forces to battle enemies and become an army tycoon?

Army Tycoon: Idle Base is an army simulation game. Here, you will play as a military base commander to help new recruits complete their training challenges and become special forces. As the supreme commander of the base, your job is to train more soldiers, expand your troops, and build your own empire of indomitable armies!


Build Your Training Facilities
A wide range of Training Grounds for you to unlock! Target Training, Obstacle Course, Target Range, Urban Combat Course, Boxing Training, Grenade Range, Artillery Course, Tank Course… You can find them all here. All you need to do is tap and upgrade them. Invest wisely and develop your base with your funds, unlock training programs, improve your reputation, expand your armies, and build a powerful military and business empire!

Rally Your Forces
Choose any military units that you want and recruit new forces into your armies! Your job is to help them complete all the training courses and become stronger soldiers. Gather more forces to send into battles and complete military missions for you!

Hire Your Instructors
Hire professional instructors to increase the efficiency of your units at the military base. Use their help to command and train extraordinary forces and conquer the world!

Earn Idle Funds and Profits
Even if you are offline, your investment manager will auto-dispatch your idle troops. You can become a millionaire via an idle military base, or even a billionaire—like a real tycoon!

Download now if you:
Want to develop a powerful military empire
Want to train your own elite forces
Want to become a millionaire with loads of cash and gold
Want a casual idler to pick up and play anytime
Want a casual idler or simulator that is worth your time
Like to build, upgrade and manage in simulation games

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Army Tycoon user reviews :

This game is OK so far. Leveling up is easy. It doesn’t stall like some of the match 3 games do. They either play well for awhile or they slow down after 3 easy game completions. The adverts really slow down there game play. It’s like adverts are always running in the background until rewards and congrates cheer You on. I wish the adverts would start after the rewards art kicks in. Makes game more enjoyable. Anyways I’m just seeing how much this game expands. So far it seems good. Thanks Google

It’s an ok time passer. My biggest problem is none of the bonus ads work. It’s stuck at a loading icon for every video so you don’t get any extras, multiplier, revive, etc. I can play other games ads np. So it must be an issue on this game. Since I can’t use all the features, get things I need, it’s really boring after only being able to do a few things and then have to wait.

Not exactly idle. Sure, it’s fun at the beginning, until you go further at level 100+ the pay wall starts to show. With an unreasonable amount of currency you have to spend to upgrade your base and training stations. That alone is a let down. There’s a lot of other games out there that’s a lot more straight forward and more enjoyable to play.

Okay, so after playing for a couple days, here’s the conclusion I’ve come to. The game is rather zen and enjoyable, at first, and you have optional ads to help things out. However! Once you get to a certain point, be prepared to, not only have to watch ads if you even hope to crawl forward, but you have to spend money too. I uninstalled the game because I’m tired of spending my time advancing and advancing, watching every ad that they give me, and getting nowhere.

The new changes make the game way less enjoyable, to be honest. The pros of the update are that leveling soldiers isn’t as annoying since they share the training. Getting metals to level up building is overall better, too . The cons are that the levels and rarities of the instructors are too high to be automatic, and you can’t get legendary instructors without spending money. The afk rewards are not enough for the dog tags and exp books scaling. It takes too long even though I’m on level 91

I like the game, it’s fun. I just wish devs would think to better balance the rewards with time spent ratio. I just unlocked all sorts of building levels and claimed the rewards which totalled not even half a million cash. That’s too much of my time waiting for all those timers – building of resources – fighting battles – training troops, for a petty reward! What’s wrong with a worthy reward system pleasing the player, rather than being all tight bound up squeezing out barely any rewards. Thx!

Honestly alright game but the ad system is complete trash. You trying to double you’re offline rewards? And you accidentally click the ad and get sent to the apple or Google play store, well then you lose both the double reward and you’re offline reward as well. Anything with an ad option will not give you a reward if you even touch the screen and get sent the to the store (apple or google.) Just a little issue that’s mildly annoying to deal with.

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