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[Game] Idle Toy Factory Tycoon

Idle Toy Factory TycoonMaking a doll factory with Toto. As much as you work hard, the factory will develop and you can make a variety of dolls.

All dolls and toys we can think of, such as teddy bears, dog dolls, cat dolls, and more! At first, I make a blueprint and cut the fabric according to the blueprint. At this point, your animal friends will help you. Shall we check who is there? There are giraffes, pandas, cats, dogs, hamsters and many more.

Next, the doll is twisted and stuffed with cotton to make it soft. Not much left now. Would you like to dress up your doll in a pretty dress and attach a cute button to finish it off? Packaging is essential for gifting to our cute little friends.
Now give your animal friends a toy doll

So many animals playing!!
Adorable baby hamsters sewing
A Cat cutting fabric using scissors twice its size
A hedgehog trying to climb up the stapler
Lambs making cotton in this magical toy world!
Also cute puppies are at work in this tycoon factory game

After all these processes, the toys are ready to be shipped and sold!.
It’s a tycoon game where you can design, manufacture, and sell your toys.
Isn’t it just fun to watch them?
Playing the game will remind you of your childhood, when you used to play with your toys.

You must operate the machines manually,
but once you hire cat and dog managers, they will run automatically.

Managers are your capable friends who help you operate the factory.
So it’s important to level them up, and assign them to the most optimal jobs.

Then, shall we dive into the world of toys and play with our toy friends??
You will feel all your stress vanish

Simulation game where adorable toys work together.
Come join our management game, “factory tycoon”!
Your childhood friends await.

The best anti stress offilne factory games!
You can also play on your tablet
We are open to any feedback you have for us!
You can enjoy even “offline” without an internet connection.

Idle Toy Factory Tycoon user reviews :

Simply wanted to explore what other games this dev team has made, and this game is pretty fun so far. The tutorial explains everything you need to know which is nice. I have had no issues with ads which is a positive. Also, I really like the upgrading system and the artstyles. I’m looking forward to their new upcoming games if they’re as fun as this one.

I have played a lot of idle tycoons. This one is particularly bad. The inability to keep the stations automated prevents one from playing the game. Playing the game is the entire point of games, hello. I can’t earn enough cards to upgrade one manager to level 3, let alone a level 3 manager per station, 7 stations. The only way to do anything in this game is to spend irl money. I gave it two stars instead of one for the art style. That’s the only positive in the game.

Update: Game freezes so often and I need to close game and reload. Happens online or offline, on different devices. Uninstalling. It’s fun if you don’t freeze every thirty seconds. Old review: Very cute, it’s one of the cutest idlers I’ve played. Does have some minor freezing tho, and there wasn’t much or a tutorial so people new to this concept might be confused starting. Apart from that it’s great so far, will update in a week

  • Hello! [ AJ D ] Thank you for your precious review! Your comments will be forwarded to the development team for review. We will continue to update the shortcomings. Please continue to show a lot of interest and participate! Thank you! Have a good day.

Really good idle game with great mechanics EXCEPT that there are pretty limited ways to improve your managers without watching a ton of ads. It feels like there should be some sort of experience system for managers to level up from being used or something.

It is very cute and has a nice style to it. It just wasn’t what I expected when I pre registered for it. I got bored very quickly when playing it with the more repeatitive nature of the game. Butttt its still cute! Just not for me

So far it is a cute little game. I have no complaints other than the background music. It gets rather annoying after a few minutes! the little critters are adorable

  • Hello~[ Elizabeth McLees ] Thank you for liking our game. Animals are cute and lovely~ We will keep updating cute and lovely in the future. In the case of background sound, you can turn it on/off in the settings. We’ll talk to the development team about better background music. thank you. Have a nice day

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