Art of Blast – Complete the jigsaw puzzle

[Game] Art of Blast – Puzzle & Friends

Art of BlastCongratulations! You have found a unique redesigned casual game!

In the game, you will run an art gallery, and the works in the art gallery will be completed by you yourself!

Complete the jigsaw puzzle and see what will happen?

There are lots of friends with unique skills helping you solve puzzles. The more levels you pass, the more friends you will unlock!

Play alone or join a team, enjoy single and team competitions, leagues and challenges to obtain the treasure chest!

Enjoy this game, we hope you can get relief from the stress and anxiety of life!

1. Click 2 or more connected same blocks to crush them.
2. Click 5 connected same blocks to generate a rocket.
3. Click 7 connected same blocks to generate a bomb.
4. Click on 9 or more connected same blocks to generate a rainbow.
5. The combination of special boosts will produce more powerful effects.

1. Thousands of well-designed levels.
2. Build up your league.
3. Run an art gallery and complete all the works by yourself.
4. Find stories of each friend in the game. Well, how did Harry the mouse learn to cast a spell?
5. Unique gameplay design, relaxing but challenging levels.

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Art of Blast user reviews :

Fun game but it has glitches every now and again.i had to add to this because the glitch wont let me advance past this level I’m on. I have 3 things to check off. I can get 2 but the 3rd thing is 4 bubbles that u cant get rid of because the record player sits over them and u cant get the bubbles. Its level 566.

Very good little game. Rarely run out of lives, so its a fantastic game to pick up and play anytime. Ads are fairly minimal. Doesn’t get too difficult too quickly either

Fun, easy to play. Very relaxing. As with all free games, I dislike the extraneous ads, but guess they’re necessary for keeping games free.

Its a very exciting and enjoyable game the only problem is there are too many ads and it spoilers the gameplay other than that its great .

I have Art of Blast on my iPad and I just downloaded it for my phone and I’m not even past level 4 because it keeps shutting off and won’t even let me collect my coins and puzzle pieces…

The description of the game mentions teams and team competitions. I’m at level 88 and haven’t seen teams at all What level do we need to reach to start a team?

Lovely puzzle game for all ages. Ads not too bad. Good graphics

I like the idea that you play a game and then you put together a picture puzzle that when you’re done it moves just love it

So far its been a blast. Alot of different tools to help than others. Makes a good time killer.

I am surprised at how challenging each level is. I love this game!!!

Superb and relaxing game. In short very good application.

Good game, fun, easy to play. Like the puzzle.

Art of Blast is so freaking cute and fun and the boosters and double the rewards is AMAZING

Awesome game, and some of the ads were great

The best game go any age to make the brain stronger.

Art of Past or Blast is Really Fun to Play. Kudos to the Developers!!

Like it all very much except the ads

Just started playing this game and love it already please make more boards thank you

Easy & fun for all ages

Fun game. Its as if you are playing two games at the same time.

Too many ads but otherwise entertaining

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! ,this game is amazing, i mikel do not have words to discribe it ……….

Fun puzzle game that keeps your mind going

Very good and nice game But hearts had problem

I like this game it make me happy and im not thinking about any problem

I love this game but don’t know how to get through level 566 can u help

After some step reward not found properly as hammer,drill etc Lavel 566 not clear can u sent suggestion

Can you find more like please?!!! I love and like this game!!!!

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