Mowing Mazes – Can you escape the Evermaze

[Game] Mowing Mazes

Mowing MazesFun, bite-sized maze puzzles meet lawn mowing! Explore a labyrinth of mazes on an adventure filled with fun and quirky characters. Can you escape the Evermaze?

Simple swipe controls make mowing mazes easy to learn.
Find tricky new types of maze puzzle as you go.
A fun filled lawn adventure with interesting characters to meet.
Mow to the top of the worldwide lawn leagues.
Customize your character with lots of items.
Solve mysteries and escape the Evermaze.

What are you waiting for? Jump on your mower and get mowing. A world of fun maze puzzles and peaceful lawns awaits.

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Mowing Mazes user reviews :

It’s a great game, but you just released an update that was supposed to fix the tailor shop not showing up for the summer wear and I have gotten the tailor shop once since the update and I’ve played about 30-40 levels since that first time and it hasn’t appeared. Even restarted my phone thinking that was the issue and the shop still hasn’t shown up

A fun, unique game. LOVE IT! However, after playing through 250+ boards there has been no update or change to the storyline given early on in the game. The “bonus” areas are becoming increasingly redundant and all the mower upgrades have no effect in the game. Gotta lower my rating by a star. UPDATE! This is a really fun game (IMO) but the developers are unreliable in timely updates. This is the sole reason as to why I lowered my rating.

  • Hi there, thank you for the feedback! We’re working on an update which will be live very soon! We hope you enjoy the new story, items, and scenery that will come with this update. Kind regards, Protostar.

I love this game! I play it on play pass so I have no purchases what’s so ever but I love it because I don’t have the pressure of a time limit or a ranking system that i feel like I HAVE to ace (cause.. that’s just how I am with alot of games) they have a nice level of difficulty, there is SOME times where you’re required a certain amount of moves but that’s for earning a chest but otherwise, it’s very relaxed and fun!!! I love it!!

It was fun but the lack of cloud save or other method of transferring my progress ruins it all. I will be replacing my phone this week and I will not be reinstalling the game. The game has a lot in common as far as style with just mowing, but the gameplay is totally different. The puzzles are not so hard as to make the game unenjoyable. I accidentally left the maze before solving a couple of them. The storyline seems incomplete and just ends after about 1,500 mazes.

  • Hi there, sorry about that, we’re working on getting the cloud save system up and running at the moment. In the meantime, could you contact me at support[at] so I can assist you in restoring some of your progress? Apologies for the inconvenience! Kind regards, Protostar Games.

Simple fun game. Easy to play strategically if one should choose to or as a background game while watching TV. I love that it’s fast play but not timed. Only reason for 4 stars is bc if you’ve cleared all the grass the gate to exit opens and if there’s a lock to open a treasure gate then sometimes the level is exited without the opportunity to figure out how to get to the locked treasure gate. Once you’re on the exit level path there’s no way to stop it or turn around.

Love their other game and still play it. I wish they would implement the finding animals bit from the other game. Also would like it if during a gather quest, the total at the top of the screen would count down as you collect items. Fun little game but I refuse to have another subscription in my life. How about a one time payment to get rid of ads, don’t care about the keys.

Neat little game. I don’t care for the fact that you have to use keys to unlock gates, but at least recharge time is low. It could use some different rewards, like finding mower upgrade chests instead of having to purchase them and finding wildlife/animals, simply finding mower upgrades, little things like that, but overall, it’s a cute little game.

I like the game, but I could do without some of the extra stuff. For example, Farmer Hank needs to learn how to build a fence, and the eye doctor seems pointless. If these characters did different things once in a while that would be better. Just today, I have had to get the horse back to the farmer 3 times. Yesterday it was the chickens and the pigs. The guy who runs the tool shop comes up way too often. Otherwise, I like it.

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