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[Game] Art Puzzle – Jigsaw

Art PuzzleGet ready to play a jigsaw puzzle with many FREE cute HD pictures.

Jigsaw Puzzles is an addictive, easy to play game so you can enjoy hours of fun putting wit puzzles together to calm down and relax. No points, no gimmicks, and no missing pieces!

Art Puzzle game helps you exercise your concentration, while passing the time with real jigsaw puzzle. You will experience brand new magic jigsaw puzzle together every day!

The jigsaws art games level difficulty is based on the number of picture pieces, which should be put together. No worries, if you lose any jigsort level, you will have a chance to play it again to solve puzzle.

Being a stress relieving also relaxing game, this game for adults will help you to take a break and get rid of the everyday routine. You can play jigsort game everytime, everywhere you want, even on train to work! Let’s explore the new world of jigsaw puzzles for free!

100+ jigsaw puzzles for free with high quality pictures.
Daily free beautiful images. Get a new HD jigsaw image every day and try to solve it
Mystery puzzles. Challenge yourself to reveal what is hidden in a picture
Nice hints for each level. We suggest to use Hint to match the next piece to the picture if you are stuck
Update jigosrt puzzles content every week. You won’t get bored!

Match each layer in the right place and then other layers will show up next. Layers in the right place will merge together and show you a beautiful picture.
Fill all layer and you will have beautiful images that full HD quality for you to download to your phone.
play MAIN images if you like the unlock journey, and SPECIAL images are available to unlock not in order. Pick every images in SPECIAL, match and merge for fun.

Make every day relaxing and entertaining putting picture puzzle pieces together! Let’s download and play our free puzzle jigsaw games! Fun logical brain tester game 2023.

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Art Puzzle user reviews :

These aren’t jigsaw puzzles at all. Instead there’s images that you have to drag fragments of objects onto. They don’t let most of the pieces go on, even if you put them in the right place, until after you’ve put on some other pieces. When you do get to place a piece, it doesn’t just go where it belongs, instead it plays an animation where it slowly fades in, and you can’t place other pieces during that time. Also, ads play during levels. Overall, very annoying and frustrating, not fun at all.

Fun but way too many ads. I get ads are a necessity but like others have said, 3 or more ads for 1 puzzle is ridiculous.

Very smooth placing pieces. Relaxing, awesome music background & suggestion very neat. Recommend to anyone who needs relax time.

Don’t mind ads between puzzles, but 3 ads during the puzzle? It could have been a good game but not like this. Uninstalled

I like playing with these puzzles it’s not hard and it’s fun !!!

What and awesome puzzle. Different from the usual puzzle one has to build

Really fun and fast paced game and helps me work on my attention to detail!

Would be a good game,and all the ads they wouldn’t be so bad ,but I had 3 ads in the middle of doing one puzzle. That’s just ridiculous, can’t really enjoy doing the puzzles. So I’m deleting.

A different kind of puzzle game. I love it.

Nice art picture. I enjoy playing this game. The music is so calm and relaxing. What is the name of the music?

Excellent puzzle game. I like how at the end it is animated. No glitches either.

I love this app it’s so easy! Instead of taking a half an hour ‘looking for things. Great App!

It is a bit hard to find out where pieces go but still calming and fun to do.

What a lovely game to discover… cute, relaxing and no long winded add interruption..

Just started but so far l like the graphics and relaxing atmosphere. Good stuff

I love this Art Puzzle, it keeps you focused. A gr8 match items focus game

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