Cake Sort – Move the plates in the right direction

[Game] Cake Sort – Color Puzzle

Cake SortHey, cake is always a good idea, for party, for special days and of course for game too!

Cake Sort is a new kind of merge-sorting games with fun and addictive gameplay. Not murmurous as water sort, nor twittering as bird sort, but cake sort takes you into a bakery where there are hundreds of 3D colorful cake and pie slices to sort and combine. As a cake maker, try to sort the colored slices on the glass plate until having a complete yummy cake in order to serve customers.

Move the plates in the right direction
Merge six similar slices
Try not to get stuck
Unlock new cake or pie
Collect coins and bonuses

Many delicious cake to unlock: chocolate cake, brownie, red velvet, cheesecake, donuts, tiramisu, apple cake, mousse, opera and many more++
100++ recipes to discover: french desserts, italian cuisines, japanese sushi, etc.
Spin the lucky wheel and earn great rewards
One finger control
NO penalties & time limits, you can enjoy Cake Sort – Color Puzzle Game at your own pace
NO wifi needed – offine puzzle game

A challenging and relaxing game to exercise your brain! Sort cakes and pies now to relax after a stressful day!

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Cake Sort user reviews :

I actually like the game but it freezes up and crashes every few minutes. The amount of ads that pop up at random are a absolute ridiculous. It also glitches the farther along you get in the levels; the cakes don’t always sort the way they are supposed and sometimes they just don’t sort at all. Too bad, because I really enjoyed playing it.

Too many ads! Some of the ads open web browser pages in the background, even if you don’t click on the ad, but the X to close them. Many ads are between 30 and 90+ seconds long and they happen about every 2 to 3 actions you take in the game. While the game COULD be fun, the non-stop ad BS is not. Uninstalling now. Don’t recommend this game one bit

Fun experience but ads are way too frequent. Plus the ad service it uses frequently open the app store when you click the x. I understand that you can pay to disable them and the developers need to make money, but if you’re looking for something free-to-play, you’ll be in ads (or closing the app store) almost as much as you actually play. Verdict: if you’re willing to pay to remove the ads, it’s fun, but if you aren’t, there are better games out there

This game is super fun. It’s just a great sort of puzzle game. I’m only taking away stars for the excessive ads (although you can pay to remove them) and the bugginess. After an hour or so, the game began crashing consistently. So, I deleted and reinstalled the game, and once again, I managed to play for an hour or so before the game began to crash again. I’m willing to download again once this is fixed. Until then, I literally can’t keep and play this game.

The game would be good if it worked right. You can put matching pieces right next to each other and it doesn’t put the pieces together, then your board fills up. To get rid of the annoying ads just turn on airplane mode, keeps all those intrusive ads away. Like I said though the game doesn’t work right, uninstalling.

The amount of ads crammed into this Makes it unplayable. The levels are incredibly short and there’s no real goal to say when you’re close or much challenge. On top of every single stop of a level having an ad it also interrupts right in the middle of one with an ad. It looks like it could be a relaxing game but the ads make it too frustrating to even enjoy it.

As others have said, the ads are very abundant on this game. Ads to increase rewards. Ads at the end of the level. Random ad breaks throughout the level. I know the developers need ads to make games, but it is a major turnoff on this game. I like this as a quick mental escape during work, when I just need to step away for a minute. However, when I spend most of that time watching ads, I am not going to be opening the game and will select something else that I can actually play for that minute.

A fun puzzle/organizing game. Two stars docked for a glitch where cakes will not combine as they should. A message has been sent to support and I’m waiting on a response. Another star docked because what is with these puzzle games playing an obnoxious number of ads? I would rather there be one play after I lose a game than after a certain (short) period of time consistently. Or perhaps offer ads to get boosts.

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