ARTNUM – Unleash your creativity

[Game] ARTNUM – Color by Number & Pix

ARTNUMRelax with an easy and fun coloring game!

Great way to enjoy your free time and unleash your creativity!
Wide variety of beautiful, cute and colorful pictures of various sizes, sorted by categories!
Paint the picture set and see the story unfold!
Simple, intuitive controls: just drag your finger across the screen to paint picture
Fun and easy gameplay

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ARTNUM user reviews :

Great fun, passes about 10-20 minutes a day. Only problem I have is that sometimes, which is actually happening more frequently now, when I click to double the amount of coins I receive a day, it doesn’t register it and only gives me the base amount. E.G. base amount is 6, click to double it, still only get 6. Don’t know if that’s something that can be fixed or if it’s a problem with my phone. Just thought I’d let it be known. Thanks for the fun game.

It’s an alright app. I didn’t find many pics to do that I liked as well as when I did you couldn’t save them to your photos due to it saying error everytime. Another problem was while coloring you earn paint cans and I was never able to use them at anytime in the app.

Top coloring game! Nice pictures, very easy to play – beat game! Interesting stories – please add more!!!

This is a very cute color by number! The one thing that I think would make it less stressful is to put the number of spaces for each letter or number.

Great app the only bad thing is that you don’t get enough coins. When you spend all your coins you will either have to wait until the next day to get more or pay for more coins.

This game is great it has everything that other games like this don’t have. Like a percentage and lots of good pictures

I have it a four rating as it could be a little better with touch for finding numbers.m

How do I get more pictures as I’ve finished all them or how to reset the pics I’ve already done

It’s a good game, but incredibly slow to react at times

Did not like it at to easy pictures was not good

Wish it allowed us to go back and recolor

Just started to play. Already lo love

Love it so far it really is awesome thanks for allowing me the experience

Just barely downloaded it. Not sure what to expect yet.

One of the best apps. of this type I’ve used. Thank You!!!

Very relaxing I really enjoyed doing these

Game runs very smoothly!!

Awesome and addicting game

Thanks . I like it it help me relax more

Awesome and addicting game

I love this game Super relaxing

It is very great game to play

Can you add switch to next number, please

I already enjoy the game very much

The game is very well

Love it cool game

I love this game

This game is very nice

Love the game

Look what I’m gonna do

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