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[Game] Otherworld Mercenary Corps

Otherworld Mercenary CorpsJoin the adventures of a commander from another world who trains a mercenary corps
sworn to protect the blessed continent of Vles Terra from the clutches of the Demon King!

Dive into Otherworld Mercenary Corps, a game adorned with stunning character illustrations and top-notch pixel graphics,
offering a wealth of content to conquer, a gripping storyline, and the exciting prospect of collecting characters and items!

Adventures in another world
The tumultuous journey of an ordinary office worker summoned to the continent of Vles Terra to become a mercenary commander!
Embark on a quest to find the seven Primordial Cores scattered across the continent while carrying out missions for Witch Queen Isabella!

Witness your growth wherever you go
Challenge yourself to dozens of areas based on your combat power!
Don’t forget to go through Story Mode to watch the mercenary commander’s growth!

High-quality pixel graphics
Boasting the highest level of quality among mobile games!
Experience the joy of watching the cute and stylish pixel characters in action!

Vibrant original art
Immerse yourself in the vivid 2D animations
and character-specific illustrations, each brimming with unique charms!

Relationship with characters
Interact with your favorite characters to enhance your combat power!
Each character has a different personality, so choose answers to their questions carefully if you want to form a positive bond with them!

Fierce competitive battles
Strategize your way to higher rankings and better rewards!
Strengthen your mercenaries, build your unique deck, and engage in fierce competition with other players to rise to the top!

Official community: discord.gg/omc-afk-rpg

Minimum OS Version
Android 6.0
Storage Space 4GB

Collected IMEI Information
Device information (device status and ID) is used for account creation and verification.
It may be used for various marketing, promotions, and advertisements.
This information is only used for a smooth gaming experience and will be retained until the service is terminated.

Required Permissions
Storage space (access to photos, media, and files): Used for installing the game and saving or loading data.
Phone (making and managing calls): Used for user device information during registration.

Optional Permissions
Microphone: Used to record from the microphone when saving videos.
SMS, Contacts: Used for account verification and providing the latest game updates and services.
Location Information: Used for push notification settings.
Notification: Used for receiving push notifications. (Android 13 and above)
A notification popup will be displayed when an account is initially created, and you can still use the service even if you do not agree to receive push notifications.

How to Revoke Access Permissions
For operating systems 6.0 and above: Settings > Apps > Select App > Permissions > Don’t allow
For operating systems below 6.0: Access permissions cannot be revoked, so you need to uninstall the app or update the operating system.

Email: support_en[at]playblb.com

Business Registration Number: 155-81-01889

Otherworld Mercenary Corps user reviews :

The game is okay. It is a basic idle game. The main thing holding it back is the limited amount of high quality characters.

It’s a nice game but the rates for 4* and 5* units are just abysmal. It’s no wonder they give you a bunch of free summons. Went through a few resets and I have had times where no 5* or 4* were pulled until quest 120+. Which must be about 70 summons. Loading times are pretty long, and gets irritating. When leveling up, the game will also bug out and return to the main screen. Can’t really see me playing this much longer.

Haven’t run into any bugs, so perhaps I’m just lucky, unlike other review writers. To this point, the game is very enjoyable. While the legendary character rates are low, I can understand why, since they’re far stronger than other types. The music and artwork are very good, gameplay is what is expected of an idle game, and has a good story to this point. Recommend giving it a shot.

The game is solid, but hopefully, there will be easier ways to obtain the legendary characters, and there will be more legendary characters added to the game. Bug I found: when I get an ad, the music completely stops after the ad ends, and the only way to get the music back is COMPLETELY exiting and opening the game again.

  • Greetings, Commander. This is Otherworld Mercenary Corps. Thank you for your review and feedback! We will forward your feedback to the dev team to make our game more enjoyable and satisfying to play. Thank you for taking the time to play Otherworld Mercenary Corps!

The game does have very slow and frequent loading screens. After you complete about 20 or 30 of the quests they are alot less frequent. It is very annoying but you progress very fast. There is not a large roster of characters at all and horrible rates for the legendaries. The hero and epic tier characters are much weaker but your legendary at start can carry you solo.

It was great but a bug has me stuck at the tutorial it tells me to summon and a picture of the shield lady pops up and refuses to go away I’ve tried clicking just about everything but I think I somehow got softlocked in the tutorial if I could skip the tutorial or something maybe that would help? If there’s a fix for the bug I’d be happy to know it Update its been patched and works now

  • Greetings, Commander. This is Otherworld Mercenary Corps. Sorry for disappointing you with such issues. The issue has been fixed through a patch, please check if the problem still exists. If you are experiencing any other problems, please contact us at support_en[at]playblb.com or our Official Discord channel. Thank you.

I love the art and the gameplay is similar to what I enjoy. The only problem are the bugs that happen. I am unable to complete quests and upgrade gear because my summon is bugged. It won’t properly load. If this gets fixed, I would gladly say that this game would be a solid 4/5 game.

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