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[Game] Astral Odyssey

Astral OdysseyAstral Odyssey is a fantasy adventure MMORPG mobile game. With
exquisite character designs and distinctive art style, we ensure you an immersive experience.

Magic Meets Masterpiece
This game combines breathtaking magic elements and exquisite art design, with every scene filled with mysterious and fantastic magical charm, allowing players to experience surprise and shock as if they were there.

Freely Explore The Fantasy World
Realistic scenery with a newly added 17 world maps
, which offer a thrilling experience of exploration. Players can freely roam in the vast fantasy world, explore stunning landscapes, ancient ruins, and mysterious caves, and embark on a wonderful adventure and exploration journey.

Team up and Defeat the Boss
Team up with friends to challenge the awful BOSS together, and you need to consider strategy to figure out the best solutions. By clever coordination and strategy, defeat powerful guardians, revealing the secrets and mysteries hidden behind the enemy.

Abundant Loot at Your Fingertips
The high drop rate of astral odyssey provides you with thrilling. Thousands of treasure dungeons are waiting to be discovered and conquered by players, obtaining legendary equipment from mysterious chests and valuable materials from defeated enemies, making your character stronger and invincible.

PVP: The Ultimate Test of Skill and Wit
Through superior skills and exquisite strategies, compete in intense battles, challenge opponents, and prove yourself as a skilled adventurer.


Astral Odyssey user reviews :

This game is beautiful! The controls are choppy. You can set it to auto or manual, but it will reset to auto. This robs from what appears to be a very rich animation and story. Feels far to rushed. If it slows my progress through the game okay, I want to see the story! There is so much clutter going on. Ads will pop up to sell premium content, and while the ads are taking up the entire screen you will the go back to full auto game mode and lose whatever battle you wish to engage. 2-stars

Came across to this type of RPG games but this one is the best one I’ve ever played so far. The graphics is so beautiful and amazing. It’s great for the free to play players unlike others which needs to top-up just to level up further, you can still top-up if you want to have a head start but it’s not necessary.. Anyway this is my experience and opinion, have a blessful day!

This is an immersive RPG game with stunning graphics and intricate details. It’s affordable and visually stunning, making it accessible to many players. However, the screen is cluttered with numerous buttons, which could be improved by minimizing and organizing them more user-friendly. Overall, Astral Odyssey is a visually stunning adventure with affordability.

Hi and Good Day!, I was just wondering, how to disable “auto attack or idling”? because whenever I want to claim rewards or upgrade stats, weapons, etc. it ends up in loading screen sometimes whenever it clears a mission, and it’s just so hassle. I hope you can give me feedback on how to disable “auto attack or idling”. That’s all, God bless.

I purchased a privilege pack but I didn’t get the benefit. I checked my bank account and it showed that it has been paid and I received a receipt. I have emailed you for this problem. Either fix this or give me a refund, thank you. Edit : The problem is fixed after some time now, thank you!

Really enjoy the game . The graphics where to good to be true . And the leveling system is so good . The most interesting part is when you play this game you can actually meet new friends and play with them . The only downside i guess is the you can only play with it in 2D but all in all it was the best experience playing this game . I recommend this game for players who loves mmo .

Graphically nice, but like many it just as an autoplay “game”. Seems to release a server every hour, having 10 now. Major sign of a cash grab, and classes are gender locked. Classes are cool graphically, love the idea of a mech.

The game is good, rewards are really generous but eventually got bored due to my server, there’s barely players there, and all top ranks are in one tribe, PvP became boring, it’s just one sided. It’s better to merge servers that have lack players to make the game lively and enjoyable.

So far everything is great. I love how everything looks characters,monsters,etc.only down side is the auto play there are times I want to idle and it still just keeps playing

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