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Guild MastersExperience true creative freedom in Guildmasters as you combine items, skills and heroes to create an infinite variety of unique and interesting builds.

Reflective tanks, evasive healers, glass-cannon attackers, inspiring bards, the only limit is your imagination!


Ethical Free-to-Play
No gambling, no lootboxes. All content can be unlocked by playing the game.

Idle turn-based combat
Select your skills in advance and let your heroes do the fighting for you!

21 Unique heroes
Recruit your adventurers from a collection of unique, memorable characters. Each with their own backstory and skill trees.

Hundreds of items to craft
Customize your heroes however you see fit. No level requirements, no limitations.

Strategic combat
With hundreds of skills to choose from, can you find the perfect combination of heroes and skills to defeat each enemy?

A world to explore and discover
Can you uncover the truth behind the events happening around you?

Guildmasters is an Idle RPG Dungeon Crawler inspired by games such as Merchant and Soda Dungeon made by our very own indie studio. You play as the master of your own guild. Recruit adventures and customize their stats, weapons, armors, and skills before sending them off into dungeons to fight monsters for you. Once slain, the monsters will drop loot and crafting materials to further upgrade your heroes. The harder the monsters, the more puzzling the fight, requiring more strategy in hero customization! It’s an unique, free to play RPG, and most importantly: it’s fun!

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Guild Masters user reviews :

Great game. With all those runes and skills it has provided a great gameplay. It’s doesn’t require real money for the core gameplay too, which is a huge plus. The only issue is the time – it honestly becomes annoying when each mission takes about 2 to 4 mins to complete it, and that’s when I’m only in the second area yet (it’ll increase?). I can’t view the ads after every 5 mins too, it ruins the immersion. Make the reward of ‘ads’ a ‘time acceleration orb’ to collect & use it all at once

Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish… and back to start again. The mechanics are thoughtful and polished with genuinely challenging puzzles, breathtaking art, and a refreshing take on free-to-play mechanics. The character balance is exceptionally well done. No character stands out as “more powerful” than any other and each character can be used as part of an incredible array of strategies. Choosing skills, runes, and equipment to help each character fill the role you choose for them is an exercise in creativity and tactical prowess. The game has serious staying power with tons of different maps, fights, and varied game modes. You won’t be “done” with it any time soon! The art in the game is brilliantly done and well showcased. And behind the art is an epic tale that unfolds one step at a time. This is a game well worth your time.

Good game, but frustrating user interface. I really like the concept of upgrading your existing gear until you are able to beat higher level opponents and craft higher level equipment. Managing character equipment is frustrating. Which character needs armor and health? Which character is my mage and which one is my tank? I forget because they come with pre-defined names that I can’t change and there is no obvious description or classes. What gear do I currently have in my inventory, and which characters have the ‘weakest’ gear that I know I need to upgrade? It takes too many clicks through too many characters and menus to try to figure this stuff out. And how do I know what stats I need to improve? Do I need more accuracy or more power? Parsing through 300 pages of combat logs to try to figure this out with no contextual help from the game is too time consuming. And there are too many stats to keep track of (24 I think?). This level of depth/complexity is probably good for someone who has tons of time and wants to go really deep into a game, but it is a turnoff for someone with only a limited amount of time to try to figure out game mechanics.

  • I see. Thanks! The game is indeed very complex, and that’s the main appeal for it. I understand that it’s not a game for everyone. I feel like there are many “simple” RPGs on the Play Store, including “Merchant”, which inspired this game. Guildmasters aims to satisfy a different audience, one that wishes for more complex interactions.

Love the game, developers are really kind, the art and background stories are really well done and its free to play. With couple of ads you get all kinds of goodies, tbg I haven’t bought anything yet and still I got really far in game. The item choices for heroes are extensional and I love how you keep unlocking new items,runes and spells. The music in the game is really nice aswell. Every time you unlock new character or items set, it feels really rewarding. Great game!

  • Thanks a lot for your review! Welcome to the game!

It’s a really fun game! You can hire different kinds of characters, equip items that matches the way you want that character to be. Use a forge to build new items and skills. You can get the materials by completing quests. Also, every character has a unique history and 3 possible paths you can follow or mix them up too. You don’t need to be online to play it. If you need help just go to their discord, lots of people will gladly help you out.

Played this game last year and had a lot of fun mixing things up when it comes to skills and gears. Organizing gears for heroes gets daunting when you have a lot of set available without proper sorting available. I just installed the game on a new phone a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised with graphics improvement and gear recommendations per heroes. Sorting gears per hero recommendation in crafting is a big help on deciding what to equip to who. A keeper. Great job devs!

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