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BattleRiseTactically Enchanting. Magically Unlimited.

BattleRise: Kingdom of Champions is a collectible, role-playing game combining gripping turn-based battles, an engaging story-mode, and endless dungeons (and with even more features planned for the future). BattleRise is inspired by fan-favorite, classic, fantasy-themed games, yet has its own look and feel.

In the world of Eos, an immeasurably powerful creature and his henchmen threaten all the realms of the living. Your task in this epic and perilous quest to save the world is to unite brave, foolhardy, battle-hardened warriors in an epic struggle against these ancient evils threatening to annihilate all of creation.

Experience a world teeming with adventure and evil
Encounter other Champions in the arena
Fight through endless dungeons to retrieve legendary loot
Craft and customize powerful Artifacts
Strategize on and off the battlefield to vanquish opponents
And seize rich rewards!

Rise up to the many challenges that BattleRise has to offer in the Kingdom of Champions!


Scour for legendary loot and epic bonuses in shrines, and face Tiamat’s heralds on the paths of the treacherous dungeons. Choose your Champions and strategy wisely to get through all the challenges and prevail.

Every Dungeon Run is directly affected by the decisions you make along the way:
Which Gods you ask for a blessing
Which ally Champions you choose
Which abandoned shrine you inspect

All these choices bring benefits and consequences that directly influence the story and the progress of that specific run, changing your experience. Each step you decide changes the outcome in some way.

You can play a single Dungeon Run many times over before you get through every possible combination, allowing you to discover new depths of the lore every time you play.


Clash with others in the gripping synchronous PVP battles for one sole purpose – the taste of victory! Step into the grandest arena of all and let your name be known among other players.


Unite and rise with Champions from a wide range of iconic backgrounds. Choose from a host of formidable factions such as sanctified Seraphim, Verdant Offspring, and Void Lords. Explore dozens of Champions bringing unique skills and stories. Many more Champions are planned over time.

Every single Champion brings something different to the table. It is up to you to learn what each of them does best and find ways to combine their skills and abilities in the optimum way. Many Champions have built-in synergy with each other, allowing them to work as a team seamlessly.

There are many permutations of team composition to cater to your preferred playstyle. Will you rush your opponent to bring them down before they even get a turn? Or do you enjoy the battle and prefer to take your time? The choice is yours!


The world of Eos is full of legendary weapons, ancient artifacts, and magic spells!

Find the treasure and experiment enabling viable Champions with your collectibles. The artifacts can enhance their powers in various ways. Play and seek the best setup for your Champions. The possibilities are many. The choices are yours!


Delve into the world of Eos! Embark on adventures inspired by fan-favorite, classic, fantasy themes. Multiple quests and immersive stories await you.


All your battle hardship shall be well compensated!
Indulge in the feeling of the classic Hack ’n’ Slash games:
Slay monsters
Find treasure
Uncover magic
Seize those artifacts to best even the greatest adversaries!



BattleRise user reviews :

Game promises more than it offers, no details on distribution rates for artifacts. Also, ENCOUNTERS are continuously inconsistent. The bones of the game are good but it needs significant improvement. I reckon the devs just pushed out this game halfway through initial development. By the way, what are AGI characters and combat descriptions are opaque.

I’m enjoying this game so far. PVE sometimes becomes difficult based on the enemy power level. I think this game has a lot of potential, keep improving this game add some characters side quest to main items would be great.

Game is great it’s just that there are still too few characters. And I hope in the future we can combine artifacts and also the heroes so we can create stronger counterpart of it .

Please make the graphic setting. My phone got hot everytime i play this game. Or maybe make an option to medium graphic

This is just an unpolished clone of Raid: shadow legends. I downloaded it for the advertised fantastic storyline. What I found was some some AI generated conversation. Then, after round 3, I was given the first epic troop, which immediately became my leader with no background information or storyline. Just, here you go, there’s your leader. Like I said, no polish or personality. The art team is good. They should definitely be making WAY WAY more than anyone else. Artists earned 2 of the 3 stars.

The game’s resolution are very high but the graphics are old school. I’m not saying that it’s bad, it just have it’s own charms. For anyone saying it has smooth animations, it’s not. The game isn’t even run on 60fps, i know that because i have a 120 refresh rate phone. The story is really immersive accompanied by great soundtracks and sound effects.

  • Thanks so much for the awesome review! We will consider your opinion to make the game even better. Please join our to share your suggestions.

Nice gameplay but enemy is too hard sometimes it can kill me before i can do anything especialy the skull with the shield it gains too much rush meter when u hit other enemy

Fun game but the grind and only one method to pass stages right now with beginner characters is with counter strats makes it feel linear. Art style for path selection look good but the characters not so much. Fun for the first few hours but having cleared the first 3 stages and having to repeat it just to farm shards because other stages are harder is a chore and realizing its gonna take forever doing the same strats to get any new characters thru shards… Im out. It was fun while it lasted.

  • We greatly appreciate your feedback! We will consider your opinion to make the game even better. Please join our to share your suggestions or discuss strategies to achieve your goals in the most efficient way.

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