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[Game] Atelier Online – Alchemist of Bressisle

Atelier OnlineThe Atelier series comes to mobile, celebrating its 20th anniversary! The free-to-play adventure role-playing game combines the features of the previous Atelier series with online play and co-operation mode.

Characters such as Rorona and Marie from the previous Atelier series are joining the game to interact in a never-seen-before story! Atelier fans will love this storyline.

The elements and monsters on the island will appear based on the weather and daytime. Players can also explore the island with up to 3 friends in the online cooperative multiplayer mode.

The specialization in alchemy is about finding, collecting, and combing items in recipes to create better items to advance further in the game.

The players can try different gears such as clothes, weapons, and accessories on their characters to improve stats, change the appearance and get new skills.

The journey as protagonists starts at the Royal Academy and continues around the world to become the best alchemist, encountering others and paving your own path.

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Atelier Online user reviews :

I enjoyed the game but is lacking. It remained faithful to the original series of collecting materials and alchemy. The main story quests can keep you busy for quite a while. However, there is something about the game that makes the experience unpleasant. For one, engaging in combat with monsters way below your level can’t be skipped. Combat in general takes a lot of time to complete. There isn’t much holding me to the game. I received Ryza and never touched this since.

It is cute. As many have pointed out, there is a lot of work needed. I am confused about how to go beyond level 30 in the dungeons. It is frustrating that some items are extremely hard to get, especially after going through so much work to defeat the level boss for it. It is annoying that some there are some “monsters” that drop the same thing as any easily gathered items in the field, or two completely different monsters dropping the exact same item. I hope this game improves over time.

It just doesn’t feel like there is much game here. Combat is on auto. Gathering can be set to auto. Synthesis is done with just a tap. Really the only part that would involve much human input is reading the story (though you can also completely skip any dialogue). Unless you’re very drawn in to the story, it’s just hard to find anything to actually do. Many times my screen timed out just waiting for combat to finish, or gathering to be done

As of this point, my only problem has been when I entered the cultivation menu where players are supposed to be able to level up, raise stats & break the level cap of their characters to higher levels. The problem is, once entering the cultivation menu, it doesn’t shows you the potions you have and/or when trying to exit, it leaves you stuck on between the transition of two areas. (Example: From the cultivation to trying to go back to the title screen).

The tutorial did not managed to hold my attention in the least. I don’t enjoy my hands being tied to the skip button which didn’t even skip all of the dialogue. The gacha system feels unrewarding. I liked the ability to join others in battles and attempt to help out. Overall the game feels underwhelming and slow, while having visually appealing art designs especially in the characters. A shame really.

Good approach to introduce the series to newer audiences. However, some issues need to be taken into consideration such as the loading times and easier way to gather resources. Translation also needs a bit of work and the UI needs more polish. But all in all, this game has potential to be great, just for as long as the developer is receptive to feedback.

Okay, so the music 10/10 gameplay is easy to understand, sometimes the loading screen take a bit of time or will crash, but you don’t lose progress when it happens. The fact that characters from previous games can be obtainable reminds me of atelier Nelkie, it’s nice! Just a bit sad that we lose the concept of going to a blacksmith and different stores to buy supplie and weapons.

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So far I’m loving it. The art style, character designs are all great. The combat is simple and the story so far is good. You collect items to make items like weapons armor food etc. My only complaint is the loading sometimes it freezes up and have to restart. No other complaints besides that. Definitely give it a try.

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